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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 2016
Dinku Sarmah: BITS ( Pilani) Guwahati

A dreamer AND a doer

Success is the right mix of guts, humility and perseverance. Dinku has tried to live his life keeping this principle in mind. He spent his formative years in Goalpara, a small village in Assam where there was no developed infrastructure and scientific awareness was virtually non-existent.

His love for research was initially frowned upon and discouraged by the people around him. But he felt that science and engineering was what he wanted to base his career upon. He went ahead to clear national level competitive exams like NTSE early on, which cemented his belief in his choice. Two years of extensive hard work ensured that he got into one of the finest institutes for engineering in India.

After his graduation, he wishes to pursue Computational Physics and carry out research in ISRO or ORO and serve the country. He wants to give back to his family, his village, his nation and humanity as a whole. Northeast India is lacking in facilities and the human resource is not exploited to an appreciable extent.

Dinku wishes to do his bit to help harness this vast untapped potential. Now that he has joined the branch of Computer Science in BITS Pilani, Goa, he feels he has the right environment and opportunities to bring out the best in him. His primary goal is to carry out research in the subject of his interest.
Sandhyabiksham Preethi Sharma: BITS ( Pilani) Nizamabad

Of simple/humble beginnings

Preethi Sharma hails from Nizamabad district in Telangana. She completed her schooling from Vijay Singh School and her Intermediate from Kakatiya Mahila Junior college. Her father S. Santosh Sharma is a priest and her mother Beena Sharma is a homemaker. Her hobbies include singing, visiting temples, playing shuttle and practicing yoga. Her uncle Vinayak Patwari who works as a senior Analyst in Bank of America is her inspiration. It was him who introduced Preethi to the programming languages which made her choose Computer Science in Engineering.
Tanay Sharma: BITS ( Pilani) Rajashthan

Where curiosity is a boon

Tanay has always looked at the world with great curiosity ever since he can remember. Academics have always fascinated him more than any sport or fine arts partly because of his academically focused home environment and partly because he feels that it requires an analytical and logical bent of mind. His mother is a medical professional and a life-long learner and father is an engineer and a management professional.

His academic interest, therefore, developed around his instinct to know, to understand and to learn the art of converting curiosity into productive inquiry, the solutions of which further develop his knowledge. These solutions often add value to the society and help mankind grow and evolve and that is his ultimate aim.

He believes that within the Sciences, the realm of computers, internet, and the smart phone is the most fascinating. His curiosity led him to understand how this whole ecosystem works, what makes it stronger, what creates value and what threatens it. He is gearing to take this ahead by trying to chart his way to become a Network Security Specialist and an Ethical Hacker.

He feels that in order to take anything to the next level, one has to find weakness in the current state and that is essentially what Ethical Hacking is about. Currently enrolled in Computer Science department as BE (Hons.) student in the prestigious BITS Pilani, he has done a few courses, like Advanced Penetration Testing with Kali, Linux, Python Programming and Java Level, ISEH certificate course and Certificate of Excellence for Lucideus Certified Cyber Security Analyst.

Tanay also feels that a clear focus, a strong determination, and an unquenchable thirst for effective learning needs to be blessed by God’s grace and guided by Gurus.
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Aman Singhal: IIM Bangalore

Education for the underprivileged

Born in the sacred city of Mathura, UP, 25-year-old Aman was brought up in a family where his parents’ struggling times taught him a lot. Aman’s parents always stressed on the importance of good education, which was the path to a comfortable and prosperous life. Since childhood, Aman was a hardworking student who channelised his efforts into learning and securing good grades throughout his academic career. But he surely wasn’t an all-work-and-no-play kind of student – he participated in various individual and team sports, achieving laurels at the district and state levels. He finished his last school year winning the Best Sports Boy title. Sports taught him the importance of discipline, sacrifice, teamwork and how to deal with winning and losing.

Aman’s academic stint at NIT Jamshedpur helped him hone his personality even further, where he was elected as Hostel President and Vice President of the Student Council. He continued to shine in studies at NIT, topping his batch. Aman most fondly remembers his accomplishment as the Student Council’s VP, when he set up an official quiz club to raise awareness about the attributes of this activity and generate interest in it.

The fact that his alma mater, NIT Jamshedpur, has won the regional round of Tata Crucible Campus Edition for the last three years makes him happy and proud. Serving in various executive positions, Aman got a chance to solve every day issues and interact with people from different disciplines; this got him hooked to the field of management.

Aman felt the need to gain some professional experience before studying management, and he joined Samsung R&D as product development interested him. He matured professionally and personally during his almost three-year tenure at the company, where he was appreciated for his excellent work and timely delivery by seniors and peers alike. In 2015, Aman co-authored a research paper with two teammates, for which they won the Bronze medal at the Samsung Best Paper Award competition.

His latest academic achievement - getting admission in to the prestigious IIM Bangalore – will help him develop his business acumen, attain comprehensive knowledge of the various business verticals and leverage this opportunity to enhance his personal and professional network, which, he believes, will help him immensely in the future. Moreover, Aman believes, his time at IIM Bangalore would also provide him the necessary knowledge to set up a sustainable organisation.

After completing education at IIM Bangalore, Aman aims to work in the Management Consulting domain, as he feels that would be the perfect medium for him to exercise his problem-solving skills as well as hone his communication skills, provide him early exposure to senior clients, provide a varied learning experience and further enhance his professional network. Aman plans to get a good decade’s experience in management consulting and then pursue management studies to learn the latest business trends and eventually secure a senior management position in a Fortune 500 company. In the long run, with all his learning and experience by his side, Aman would like to start a charitable trust and provide education opportunities to those who miss out due to lack of resources.
Anantika jain: IIM Ahmedabad

Excel the Arts way

All of 22 years, Anantika comes across as a level-headed and confident girl who is extremely clear about her goals and plans for the future. Born in capital city Delhi, Anantika has been a dancer and a theatre artist, and her live stage performances, experience in spearheading teams of people with diverse talents and interactions with many talented individuals has contributed immensely to her personal growth. However, similar to most academic institutions in India, the school she studied in pushed arts to the sidelines while rote memorisation and theoretical knowledge was given top priority.

Anantika’s mother and grandmother dedicated their lives to school education, and these women in Anantika’s life exposed her to ideas of experiential learning. As the Vice President of her college’s Cultural Society, she led a cohort of extremely talented students from various streams, such as debate, dance, theatre, music and drawing, and had the fortune to witness first-hand how the arts stream transforms.
Annesha Chaudhuri : IIM Bangalore

All for education, education for all

Born in Asansol, Annesha was raised in a family where education was given utmost importance. Her parents had to fight for their basic right to education in their younger days and thus Annesha took her academics very seriously. She also promotes the spread of quality education, as she realises not everyone has the privilege she does.

The school where Annesha received her education ran a branch, Ankur Vidyalaya, for promoting and facilitating education among underprivileged children. Annesha used to stay back after her regular classes to assist the children with their coursework. She actively participated in visiting nearby slums and convincing parents to send their children to school. This was when she was exposed to the harsh reality of the society’s indifference towards education of girls. Annesha and other students who volunteered for this initiative faced backlash and harsh criticism from the slum dwellers. They observed that a large number of girls were forced by their families to drop out after middle school. The predicament of these young girls motivated Annesha to strive for excellence.

During college days, Annesha joined the student-run initiative, Bihari More Project, started by her college to impart education to children from nearby slums. Volunteers created a model where children could come for evening classes, and they also organised sports activities due to which the number of children attending these classes increased manifold.

Annesha has always maintained a healthy balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. As years passed, she realised that the painting and music classes she complained about as a child contributed to her personality development as much as classroom learning. Fine arts helped her develop an eye for detail, and taught her to notice beauty in decay.

Annesha’s three-year work experience helped her realise that true change lies in the essence of management – not just in the industry but in the society as well. She intends to create a wave of change in the education system that will manifest interest in education among underprivileged children. Her education at IIMB is teaching her to think beyond what exists. Eventually, proper coaching and on-the-job learning in the corporate world would help her build solutions for big businesses to make quality education available to all irrespective of their financial conditions.

Annesha aptly quotes Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai – One child, one teacher, one pen can change the world. Education is the solution.
Mihir Shah: IIM Ahmedabad

Technology for real life problems

All of 24 years old, Mihir, born in Bhuj, witnessed a lot of tumultuous times during his growing up years. After the 2001 Gujarat earthquake, he saw families, including his, gather enormous courage and restart life from the ruins. Mihir lost his father when he was in high school, and his father’s untimely death put Mihir in a similar situation once again where he had to gather himself and reorient his life to do something that would have made his father proud. He focused fully on academics and was the district’s high school topper. Since a very young age, technology fascinated Mihir, and his interest in Maths and Computers led him to choose computer engineering in the prestigious Nirma University at Ahmedabad.

After graduation, Mihir joined Samsung’s R&D division to leverage his technical expertise in the then growing mobile domain. He handled high-end critical projects, including the
Samsung’s Flagship smartphone models such as the Note and S series. His excellent performance on these projects presented him with opportunities to visit Samsung’s HQ in South Korea multiple times for the advanced development of these products. These visits ingrained in him qualities of entrepreneurship and adaptability.

Among 3,200 employees, Mihir was the proud recipient of the 2014 Employee of the Year award. His two-year experience at Samsung proved to be an amazing learning phase, although Mihir feels he could have contributed much more to the vast organisation if his role wasn’t confined to a particular division but would have spanned across domains.

His experience at Samsung equipped him to build some mobile apps in his leisure time.

Mihir developed apps in different fields, such as travel and telecom, aimed at solving real life problems for large segments of people. The tremendous response to these products encouraged him to build something better for the society. Mihir joined a start-up to get a comprehensive view of the technology sector and take up more challenging roles. His one-year experience as a team leader in a cross-platform role helped him hone his people and resource management skills. Moreover, it strengthened his rational thinking and entrepreneurial spirit.

Mihir has always dreamt of building a company that strives to equip people with simple and friendly technological tools. But he also realised that business acumen is as important as technical skills for scaling up in any enterprise, and he decided to become competent in this space by joining IIMA instead of setting up a venture without proper planning and academic training. Mihir hopes that the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) and the IIMAvericks programme at the institute will further reinforce his zeal and enthusiasm to realise his entrepreneurial vision.

Mihir feels that even in today’s times when access to technology is so easy, many segments of the population are deprived of its benefits. He aims to build a company for this very cause after completing his degree. He believes a perfect blend of technical and managerial competence and corporate experience will help him actualise these concepts in practice. In the long run, he wants to use his cumulative knowledge and expertise to innovate products in order to improve human lives across the globe.
Nehal Siroya : IIM Kolkata

Healthcare empowered by technology

Nehal was born in Udaipur in a lower middle-class family to parents who faced hardships during their growing-up years and were bereft of opportunities. Getting every opportunity the hard way, Nehal imbibed values of diligence and a sense of responsibility right since childhood, which is probably why he was able to balance academics and extra-curricular activities at school and college.

Being passionate about Mathematics, Nehal decided to pursue a degree in Mathematics and Computing, where he learnt how technology combined with analytics can make a difference by creating systems which apply a holistic approach to address issues quite efficiently. After witnessing the sorry state of health facilities in his own ancestral village, Nehal wanted to contribute to the rural healthcare space. During his college years, he ran a pilot project, 'Call n Cure', in Sikar, Rajasthan, to provide on-call instant medical services to the rural population. Consequently, he took a job with a US-based health insurance company to understand how their system works.

During his stint at UnitedHealth Group, Nehal got an insight into how business decisions drove technology strategy to drive value and growth, which inspired him to pursue MBA at IIM Calcutta. He believes here he would be able to develop a holistic understanding of business management and organisational capabilities.

Armed with these competencies, Nehal aims to venture into management consulting, specialising in evolving healthcare systems and eventually assisting government projects in devising and implementing efficient, affordable and scalable healthcare systems empowered through technology. Promising projects such as Digital India and Unified Payment Interface have the potential to have a huge impact on rural areas. Nehal believes in a 'Healthier India for a Better Tomorrow'.
Nishchay Budhiraja: IIM Kolkata

Leading an education tech start-up

Nishchay was born in New Delhi; his father is an engineer and his mother a school teacher. Both his parents started working at an early age, and could not fulfil their desires to do something big in life due to lack of resources. Nishchay has inherited his parents’ ambitious nature and wants to make an impact through whatever he does.

He has always had a passion for mathematics and ranked among the top 10 students in Asia in the Asia-Pacific Maths Olympiad. Nishchay was also awarded various government-funded scholarships such as NTSE, JSTSE and KVPY. This motivated him to join IIT Roorkee in 2012. During his college days, apart from gaining analytical skills, he also led the Dramatics team, which imbibed in him the value of team work and leadership skills.

Nishchay’s mother always made him aware of the plight of children studying in government schools, something he experienced first-hand while teaching 200+ students in an NGO for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. This experience stirred something within him; he realised that he was blessed to have opportunities that many were still deprived of. Thus, he helped his father co-found a tech start-up in the education sector, empowering students to take better decisions. While developing the start-up he realised that he needed to support his existing skills with business knowledge to scale the company to a different level.

He scored a 100 percentile in CAT in his very first attempt and chose to join IIM Calcutta. Here, he aims to engage in personal and professional development and create a strong network. After working in the industry for a few years, he wants to join his father in expanding his business and help the needy.
Priyanka Babulal Unnithan: IIM Lucknow

Determination personified

Born in Mumbai’s upper middle class household to ambitious parents, Priyanka imbibed values of hard work and perseverance at an early age. Stimulating discussions on a wide range of socio-political issues at the dinner table inspired her to be creative and she outgrew her former self. Priyanka’s first significant achievement was when she won the election to the post of school captain where she was in charge of delegating a multitude of responsibilities and derived valuable lessons in accountability. Interactions with inspiring personalities, such as Sunita Williams, further kindled her interest in applied sciences and urged her to take up an undergraduate course in engineering.

At BITS, she came in contact with a diverse peer group and her association with the Entrepreneurship Cell introduced her to inspiring change makers who used technology to ameliorate social concerns. This provided her with a strong impetus to help create economically sustainable self-help groups in nearby slums.

After graduation, Priyanka focused on improving her technical competency by working in the challenging technology space at Nvidia. Her stint there made her realise the importance of sound managerial skills in implementing business solutions. She believes an MBA would expose her to a business environment and broaden her perspective of this space as well as apprise her of factors that govern decision-making.

Priyanka feels, in the short term, a career in consulting would lend her the ideal platform to achieve her long-term goals of merging her passions for technology and problem-solving to maximise business impact for organisations. She aims to have a long and fulfilling career that provides great learning opportunities and pushes her to set high performance benchmarks for herself.
Ritika Chaudhury: IIM Ahmedabad

Passion for technology

Ritika believes inspiration can come from anywhere, and hers came from endless space. Speaking with Sunita Williams about her space mission, when she met the inspiring astronaut in Delhi, was an incident Ritika fondly remembers from her school days. Ritika was fascinated by the world of technology and the way it was transforming the society. Her interaction with Sunita instilled in her an insatiable craving to explore this path and learn. As a part of that journey, Ritika pursued Electronics and Instrumentation from BITS Pilani.

She was the only student across all batches to be selected to work under one of the top scientists at CEERI. As the event coordinator for the college’s annual tech fest, she interacted with some brilliant technology enthusiasts to share and discuss ideas. After her under-graduation, she joined Intel, which was an enriching experience, as she learnt and worked on cutting-edge technology in mobility management (LTE). Providing solutions for high-priority customer problems and first-hand involvement in R&D greatly enhanced her problem-solving abilities. Each fix had the potential to improve call quality for millions of mobile users.

Ritika believes that technology companies transform the way people live. Being in a technical role at Intel gave her limited scope to contribute to the business directly. Her mission was to understand the technology needs of people from different walks of life and provide the best solutions. To do that, she would require a holistic perspective of the business space, and post-graduation from IIMA was the perfect way to commence this journey. After post-graduation, Ritika aims to take up a product management role in a leading technology firm. The idea of being the CEO of a product excites her. Ritika is confident that her education at IIMA and her passion for technology will not only enable her to be a successful product manager but would also equip her to realise her long-term goal of taking up senior leadership positions and directing the global strategy of a company.
Sahil Wajid: IIM Bangalore

Business leader in the making

Sahil hails from a Delhi-based liberal Muslim family. Coming from a lower middle-class background, none of his family members had access to higher education, and he considers himself fortunate to be born into a household where education was given utmost importance.

Sahil developed an immense liking for reading very early on. His first notable academic achievement was his stellar all-round performance in Class X, for which he was awarded the CBSE Certificate of Merit in science for ranking among the top 0.1 per cent of candidates appearing for that exam nationwide that year. His aptitude in Mathematics and Physics made Mechanical Engineering a natural choice for undergraduate study. He took admission in BITS Pilani, Goa campus, where exposure to diverse bright minds from a similar age group proved to be a novel and enriching experience.

After graduating, he joined Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)’s Engineering & Projects division. Here, he supervised numerous projects in various locations such as Kanpur, Allahabad, Delhi and Jalandhar. His tenure at BPCL exposed Sahil to varied and in-depth inter-disciplinary engineering knowledge (mechanical, civil, electrical and automation). Moreover, he got the opportunity to observe and interact with people from diverse regions of India, which helped him gain insights into aspects such as labour management. However, after more than five years of working, Sahil also realised the limitations of his role in terms of future responsibility. At this point, he decided to pursue an MBA to realise the full potential of his analytical inclinations, his experience in project management and his goal to work in strategic roles.

At IIMB, Sahil hopes to learn the nuances of economics, finance and strategy, and build a solid foundation in theoretical concepts of management, simultaneously familiarising himself with the tools available for their implementation. He also believes that PGP's emphasis on academic excellence, innovative pedagogical methods involving case studies and deadline-driven projects, and the overall pace and rigour of the course would prepare him well for a career in management.

Sahil’s career goal is to become a business leader committed to devising novel approaches and solutions leading to innovation and increased efficiency, and capable of motivating people around him to perform to the best of their abilities. After a stint in consulting, he hopes to start his own business someday.

Over the years, with the extensive travel that Sahil has done across India, he has developed an interest in social justice, especially for the cause of education. Sahil had volunteered to teach underprivileged children at his school in Delhi, and had also applied to and was selected for the Teach for India programme in 2015 (he could not eventually join because the BPCL-TFI partnership fell through). Sahil earnestly hopes to contribute his learnings from the industry experience he would eventually gain to the sphere of social entrepreneurship in India, where there is a dire need for efficient management skills given the considerable paucity of resources.
Sheena Arora: IIM Kolkata

Education for the underprivileged

Born to working parents in Jind, Haryana, Sheena imbibed the virtue of independence early in life. Her parents are her biggest source of inspiration and her strongest critics. Sheena’s mother inspires her with her ability to perfectly balance personal and professional commitments, while her father has instilled qualities of integrity, discipline and dedication in her.

Her parents’ giving nature encouraged Sheena to start an NGO, Junior Einstein (JE), while she was pursuing engineering at the reputed PEC, Chandigarh. Sheena’s ambitious venture, JE, works in the area of scientific education for underprivileged children. This project started with a five-member team and has grown today to a dedicated team of 40 individuals. This experience, apart from giving Sheena immense pleasure, instilled in her the belief to dream big and she realised that she had the potential to turn those dreams into reality. After graduation, Sheena joined Atrenta as a software engineer, where she worked on turning nascent ideas into finished products, which exposed her to technological challenges and helped her develop skills to handle them. Taking her zeal to work for the society further, Sheena initiated and led the CSR activities at Atrenta.

Sheena realised that a lasting change can only be brought about by for-profit ventures that work for the betterment of the society. However, she also realised that she was lacking the requisite business expertise as well as the network to venture on her own. That is when she decided to do an MBA, which would help her get both apart from improving her organisational and leadership skills. She is confident that IIMC will help her realise her dreams.
Tanay Shankar : IIM Indore

Leadership on his mind

Born in Darbhanga, Bihar, Tanay has spent close to a decade of his life abroad, in places as diverse as the UK, Nepal and Singapore. Tanay’s father is a doctor and his mother is a professor of biotechnology. Tanay completed his education until class XII in Ranchi and went on to study chemical engineering at BITS Pilani.

During his school days, Tanay topped the Class X and XII board examinations, was the head boy of the Student Council, editor of the school magazine for two years and led the school quiz team in many inter-school competitions. At college, Tanay successfully participated in many national level quiz competitions. He is a quizzing enthusiast and takes keen interest in business quizzing. While preparing for such quizzes, he learnt business theories and practices, which developed an interest in him to pursue a degree in business management. After graduating, he worked at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories for 10 months and was in charge of executing techno-commercial projects. Tanay’s short-term goal is to work in a leadership position in a company and he feels to achieve that a PGDM is very important.

Over the next two years at IIM Indore, he intends to do well academically as well as take part in B-School competitions and secure positions of responsibilities. In the long term, Tanay sees himself leading a company’s business vertical, and aims to develop the necessary skills for achieving that goal, consequently contributing to the organisations he works for.
Vishal Kansal: IIM Ahmedabad

Making a mark through innovation

Born and brought up in Rajasthan, Vishal saw a lot of women in his home town carrying multiple earthen pots full of water in the harsh desert heat. But he sees that times have changed, nowadays, people are using simple but sophisticated drum rollers for the same purpose.

Vishal has always been amazed by such simple designs and wants to start an organisation to improve the life of the poor by creating innovative products. To gain the technical experience required to achieve his goal, he went on to pursue mechanical engineering at IIT Bombay. Vishal was exposed to real-life problems during his internship with Tata Motors, where he redesigned the door of the Tata Indica model to reduce the number of defective cars by 40 per cent. This was a huge confidence booster which encouraged him to work on the existing problems in diverse fields.

During his stint at ETH Zurich, Vishal worked on the optimal design of the artificial supplement used to heal bone fractures. With the purpose to delve deeper, Vishal joined Altair Engineering, where he worked on the application of computer science and mathematics in the field of product design and verification.

The major turning point in Vishal’s career was when he won a pan-India B-plan competition and got first-hand experience of building and leading a team towards a sustainable business model. This experience got him interested in social entrepreneurship and he realised that his lack of knowledge about diverse business aspects was holding him back. He believes that the case-based pedagogy at IIMA will enlighten him further about the business domain as well as teach him how to make the best decisions in everyday corporate situations.
Yash Chandraprakash Gupta: IIM Kolkata

All for employment

Yash was born in Delhi to a businessman father. With his father's business almost going bankrupt and his mother facing acute cardiac problems, Yash was exposed to some harsh realities of life during his growing up years. But that’s when his father quoted to him that success is how high you bounce after you hit the bottom. Today, these words define Yash as an individual.

Yash has given his best to every opportunity that has come his way, be it securing admission in IIT Roorkee, winning gold medals in International Olympiads or self-funding his college education by taking mathematics classes and selling books and t-shirts. These experiences, including accolades across national business competitions and an internship with the Incubation Centre of IIM Ahmedabad, strengthened Yash’s vision of becoming an entrepreneur.

Yash realised his passion for finance during his college days. He excelled in Economics, Banking and Business Management, cleared CFA L3 and interned at DSP Blackrock to help manage a portfolio worth USD6 billion. Upon graduation, Yash joined Futures First where he was awarded Trader of the Year across all international offices. Integrating finance and entrepreneurship skills, he later co-founded Clavileno Capital with VP, DSP Blackrock and VP, Goldman Sachs.

Based on the vision of ethics, mathematics and macroeconomics, Yash led his firm to manage a USD5-million portfolio across the NYSE, CME and ICE exchanges. While building the team, he realised the value of creating jobs and the positive impact it can have on the society. Yash’s long-term goal is to scale his proprietary trading firm into an investment fund, focusing on Indian markets, with exposure to assets around the globe. He envisions his fund being instrumental in strengthening the participation of Indian economy in the International Financial Market. To realise this dream, Yash finds it critical to build a solid understanding of human resource, strategy and operations, which has led him to the decision of joining IIM Calcutta.
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Ankit Dhankhar : IIT Rorkee

With an eye on developing the nation

Ankit comes from a rural Haryana family settled in Gujarat. He did his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya. His father is a government employee who had earlier served in the Indian Air Force for 20 years and his mother is a homemaker. His father developed in him the feeling of doing something for the nation so that everyone could be proud of him and that is primarily why Ankit chose to pursue Computer Science Engineering. People in rural India still don’t know how to use complex computer systems to make life easier, whereas urban educated people in India and across the world are running on information superhighways. Ankit believes that to do something for the development of India our foundation needs to be strong. Hence, after completion of his course, he intends to work on the following plans:

  • Development of artificial intelligence that can communicate in various languages and help even those people who cannot read or write, to use the computer
  • Develop a device which looks like a pair of glasses that projects a screen on our eyes and the cursor moves based on where we look. He got inspiration for this while watching a programme on military helicopters in America. They had helicopters aiming missiles and guns where the pilot would look
  • Develop computer systems and software which will be easy to use and within the financial and knowledge domain of computer illiterate as well as poor people
Arkadeb Sengupta: IIT Kharagpur

The engineer who wants to be a teacher

When most students nowadays dream of a job with a hefty salary in top ranking companies, Arkadeb is fascinated by academia and wants to pursue teaching. What shapes his thoughts? A childhood which was influenced by academicians. Arkadeb hails from a family with a legacy of teachers where academia is considered sacred.

Both his parents are professors of electrical engineering and are also alumni of IIT Kharagpur. He grew up surrounded by PhD students coming to his parents for guidance. Under his parents and teachers’ guidance, Arkadeb honed his skills in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science. Being surrounded by academicians he realised that he was also inclined towards academic and wanted to pursue a career in it.

Making electrical circuits and models with his parents has been his favourite childhood activity which enabled him to choose electrical engineering as a subject. He believes electrical engineering has myriad applications in different fields which will help him explore the subject even more. His hard work and a strong support from his parents and teachers have helped him pursue studies at IIT Kharagpur. He dreams not of a job with a tall salary but to devote himself to academics and be a teacher and a researcher where he can leave a mark and influence lives wherever he goes.
Balabolu Tushara Langulya: IIT Guwahati

Acing all the way

A school is where a child's personality is shaped. It gives a glimpse into what the future holds for him and guides him through his path. Tushara’s school was no different. It helped her expand her horizons and realise her potential as a leader. She was always at the forefront of school events like Teacher's Day and Christmas celebrations and was also the lead singer of the choir.

But her moment of realisation came when she was chosen to represent her school in an inter-school talent competition. Although she was the only 6th grader among the 8th to 10th graders, she gave a run for their money and reached the finals. When she gave an extempore speech on 'Responsibility of citizens to vote', the applause she received blew her mind.

One of the judges commented that one day she would make a good leader. Though she lost the competition that day, that comment stayed with her. India is full of talent; however it goes untapped because of lack of guidance and facilities. Tushara wants to help such people harness their talent. Being someone who can be looked up to and depended upon is her ambition. This made her decide to aim for IAS. This ambition made her the person she is. As a step towards it, she chose CSE in IIT Guwahati as she feels the competitive environment will help her hone her skills.
Gargi Singh: IIT Kanpur

For the love of computers

Meet Gargi Singh, a student of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kanpur. She has done her schooling from DPS Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Her father is an engineering graduate working in a PSU and mother is a homemaker who has done her post graduation.

Gargi was a topper all through her school days and has received the Blue Blazer and proficiency award among others for outstanding performance. She bagged the first position in Inter DPS Aryabhatta Mathematics competition in Class V and VIII. She was also AIR – 2 in Inter DPS Science and Mathematics Talent Search in Class IX and AIR – 11 in International Mathematics Olympiad organised by Science Olympiad Foundation world.

Right from her childhood she had special interest and appetite for solving mathematical problems. Her father, who has a deep interest in mathematics and computing encouraged her to learn and write programs in Qbasic, Visual Basic and other languages when she was in Class VII.

She thoroughly enjoyed writing programs and solving different mathematical problems in Visual Basic and it aroused her curiosity in computers. She found coding as fascinating as Algebra and Calculus. By this time she had decided that computer science and engineering would be her field of study and research. She wants to do Ph.D. in Computer Science from America. But as she is deeply rooted to her own country she wants to utilise her knowledge and research work to launch a startup in India and is confident that she will achieve it.
Jeevithiesh Duggani: IIT Mumbai

The quantum computation enthusiast

Jeevithiesh was exposed to computers at a very early age. The constant encouragement to prod and question instilled a sense of curiosity in him and helped him develop an unconventional way of thinking. He has always been fascinated by the universe and has been driven to find the answer to the fundamental question of how the universe came into being.

Both his parents are engineers which helped him develop a keen interest in the technical aspect of science. His father was a computer enthusiast who introduced him to computers when he was a child. His interest in computer technology piqued as he grew up as a result of which he started studying computer science at IIT Mumbai.

According to Jeevithiesh, computers will be even more important in the future. He believes that we are already on the verge of a breakthrough in science because of the Large Hadron Collider. The fact that the Nobel Prize for Chemistry went to a computational chemist in 2013 fascinates him. However, he thinks we need better and powerful computers and quantum computers will be a reality in the near future.

He wants to study computers at a quantum level and also wishes to take up electrical engineering as a minor subject to boost his understanding of hardware. After his course, he wants to do research on quantum computation.
Mohit Bhatt: IIT Rorkee

Raised in the lap of academia

Coming from an economically weaker section of the society, getting into IIT has been a roller coaster ride for Mohit Bhatt. Born to parents who migrated from Uttarakhand to the industrial town of Faridabad, he had experienced quite a few ups and downs in his life.

His father works as a fourth class employee in a school and mother is a housewife. He believes that the experience of being brought up within a school campus has helped him a lot. Having lived within the school premises, he had been surrounded by teachers and educationists since his childhood. Most of all he was lucky enough to have parents who were determined not to let economical conditions come in the path of his success.

As to why he chose engineering, he feels it was perhaps his destiny to do so. Science and Mathematics fascinated him since childhood and he soon realised that Humanities and Arts were not his cup of tea. His inclination towards Mathematics and logical reasoning prompted him to go for Computer Science. He wishes to set up a venture in the future and become a successful entrepreneur.
Pratyush Maini: IIT New Delhi

A curious mind

Pratyush was always an inquisitive child. Trying to open and fix electrical appliances that had stopped working at home with his father is his earliest memory of being curious about electrical devices. He always had a plethora of questions he wanted to ask and was always curious to look for reasons behind everything he observed. A book, Discovered Questions, gifted to him by his mother helped him satiate his inquisitiveness.

As he grew older he was fascinated by experimental projects in school. And it is not just research and development, he always had a desire to learn more. He kept himself informed about the political scenario across the world by participating in Model United Nations. The familiarity with machines coupled with the fascination with green chip boards and circuitry along with the inherent inquisitiveness encouraged him to pursue electrical engineering at IIT Delhi.

According to him the greatest service to the society is giving back and making the world a better place than the way it was inherited. He also has a keen interest in biotechnology and physics and hopes to use his knowledge of electrical engineering for inter-disciplinary research to come up with solutions to the most common problems.
Preey Hiten Shah : IIT Mumbai

Transforming lives with technology

Family values are often reflected in one’s life’s choices including their career and ambitions. And Preey is no exception to this rule. His father, a first generation entrepreneur is his idol, and his mother an engineer whom he constantly tries to emulate, have been the biggest influencers in his life.

His choice of studying computer science stems from a realisation that being technically sound is essential to achieve anything in life. The liberal upbringing where he had the freedom to choose for himself and take decisions shaped his thoughts and encouraged him to study a course that will help him in inventing and experimenting with technology.

Preey believes that Computer Science is an ever expanding field and plays a huge role in transforming the way we live. He wants to contribute and influence this change in such a way that it makes life better. He believes this course will be a springboard and enable him to pursue higher studies. He wants to be involved in research and development and acquire in-depth knowledge in Computer Sciences.
Rupak Kumar Thakur: IIT Kharagpur

Improving lifestyle with technology

Studying in a small town where education is considered a luxury did not stop Rupak from cracking the IIT entrance and choosing the discipline of his choice — Computer Science. Growing up in a lower middle income family with limited resources and very little access to technology also did not meddle with his fascination of Mathematics and Computers. As he grew older his knowledge about computer technology increased. His sincere efforts and hard work coupled with a strong support from his family and teachers helped him achieve his dream of studying at IIT, Kharagpur.

Rupak believes that in a time of rapid modernisation and globalisation, development of the world depends on the advancement in computer technology. The logic and pattern recognition in this field interest him and he believes that the sky is the limit for Computer Science. To him it is an ever evolving science and it will keep on making people’s lives easier.

From being a novice in the field to being confident about his abilities and knowledge, Rupak believes that his B. Tech course at IIT Kharagpur has helped him immensely. He believes in his creativity and hard work and hopes to develop technologies that can improve the lifestyle of people.
Utkarsh Mishra : IIT New Delhi

Overcoming all odds

Utkarsh belongs to a club of few students who cracked the IIT entrance exam without any help from any coaching institutes. He belongs to a middle-class family from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh where his father is the sole breadwinner of the family. Despite financial hurdles, his parents made sure Utkarsh got the best education by sending him to one of the most reputed schools in their town.

In school, he was exposed to many extracurricular activities. He was a part of his school’s quiz team, participated in many national and state-level Olympiads, and was also a part of the school football team. These extracurricular activities made him an all-rounder. His choice of studying civil engineering stemmed from the fact that he was always amazed by architecture and sculptures. Whenever he visited any historical sites or architectural marvels he would wonder how such masterpieces were made. This fascination helped him choose civil engineering over other lucrative options.

A high paying job at a multinational company doesn’t interest him. His interest lies in changing how people pursue the government and wants to restore their faith in the government machinery. He wants to show the world that our government is capable of constructing wonders in efficient as well as cost-effective ways.
Utkarsh Gupta: IIT Mumbai

Using a computer to bring a change

“You can surprisingly do a lot of good by sitting behind a computer.’’ These encouraging words of a senior motivated Utkarsh to study Computer Science. He started learning to program even before he started his course at IIT and realised that he enjoyed every bit of it. However, that was not always the case, Utkarsh had a keen interest in studying chemistry but he soon realised that all his peers wanted to study Computer Science. With his father’s help, Utkarsh researched more about the subject and found out that there are endless possibilities and a very broad scope of research in Computer Science.

His mother’s and sister’s constant support and guidance played a significant role in his academics helping him achieve his goal of studying at IIT Mumbai.

With his degree in computer science, he wishes to explore social networking, improving communication, online education, organising and streamlining philanthropy and wants to help the society in his own way. He also has a keen interest in artificial intelligence and plans to use his knowledge and discipline to do a lot of good by sitting behind a computer.
Yerranagu Vinayathi: IIT Chennai

Putting a roof over everyone’s head

A humble family background did not stop Yerranagu from achieving her dream of studying civil engineering at IIT Chennai. Her father is a farmer by profession and despite the fact that his annual income varies according to the climate and the crop yield he let nothing come in between her and her sister’s education.

An income of less than one lakh rupees per year did not prevent him from sending Yerranagu to a coaching institute to study further. Keeping in mind her father’s hard work and sacrifices, Yerranagu had only one goal in mind which was to study at a premier institute like IIT Madras.

With a degree in civil engineering, Yerranagu plans to build economic yet sustainable houses for people in India.

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Ankit Jetwani: XLRI Jamshedpur

Data can be transforming

Born in Indore and coming from a natural sciences background, 25-year-old Ankit believes in the transformational power of data. He recollects the major breakthrough that happened in 2007, the year in which the quantum of information generated was more than the amount generated since the invention of writing. He believes this exponential rise in data volumes has forced companies around the world to embrace the big data revolution.

During the time he spent on a research project to analyse the effect of FDI on the India’s pharma sector made him realise the transformative potential that data holds. The strong quantitative skills he developed at BITS Pilani, backed by his chess-loving analytical mind, motivated him to seek a career in data sciences. After graduation, Ankit joined Dell's Analytics division, which gave him a chance to understand how data forms a strand in the DNA of some companies. Technical knowledge, coupled with the networking skills acquired at Dell, helped Ankit to succeed in conferences and competitions of national repute, making it an enriching experience. However, it also made him realise that Decision Sciences is not merely numbers but an artful blend of business understanding, math and technology, and his limited understanding of business was the hurdle that kept him from reaching his true potential. To build a strong foundation of business understanding, Ankit joined XLRI, Jamshedpur, as it undoubtedly provides him with an excellent platform to broaden his skillset.

With this new arsenal, he plans to work across different industries to build data-driven solutions. His key focus will be to institutionalise the philosophy of solving business problems by using data.

In God we Trust, all others bring data - William Edwards Deming
Arushi Saksena: XLRI Jamshedpur

Management consultant in the making

Born in Delhi, Arushi was schooled in Chandigarh and completed her engineering from Punjab Engineering College. After graduation, she got the opportunity to work with one of the most prestigious consulting firms, McKinsey & Co. Post her stint at the firm, she enrolled into the reputed XLRI. The seeds of the desire to excel were sown by her parents during her schooling days, who taught her to aspire for the skies while being rooted at the same time.

Arushi was keen on applying her analytical skills gained during her engineering days; hence, she chose to intern at McKinsey's Business Technology Research division. Here, she was introduced to the nuances of business decision making. Her natural affinity towards her work translated into a good performance and she earned a PPO. The exposure to problem-solving, functioning of different industries and frameworks such as Game theory and Porter's five forces fascinated Arushi. After a two-year tenure at the firm, she was inspired to deliver better, think big and be at the forefront of building strategy.

Arushi believes business strategy requires both intuitive thinking and logic, and there is no limit to learning in this space. Through her course at XLRI, she aims to collaborate her functional experience with knowledge on various aspects of business management and improve upon her leadership and problem-solving skills. With these learnings by her side, Arushi aspires to carve a niche for herself as a management consultant and develop expertise to become a driver of positive change. She wishes to be a role model for other women who yearn to reach greater heights in the corporate world.
Aditi Ramakrishnan: Nalsar Univerity of Law

Envisioning technological revolution for human progress

As the daughter of a DRDO scientist-turned-entrepreneur mother and a technologist father, Aditi grew up appreciating the impact of science and technology had on society. Her family time comprised books, discussions on India, its economy, people, history, and political debates. Watching law-makers discuss ways of furthering societal progress piqued her interest in a career in law. Aditi’s public speaking abilities, analytical and problem-solving skills led her to believe that she could excel in this field.

Upon further introspection on what she could contribute specifically, she thought of the familiar topic – technology and its impact on society. From discussions with her parents, Aditi discerned that all aspects of human endeavour – trade, employment, healthcare, education, etc. – will go through unprecedented digital transformation. She also realised that throughout history, law has been a vital component in the successful integration of people and technology. She firmly believes that for the upcoming revolution, we require new thinking on law and policies by a competent body who understand nuances of technology, society and law – a triumvirate that is not easily fulfilled. Therefore, she believes that she is uniquely placed to deliver this need and resolved to choose law as her course of study. This will complement her interest in technology and an intense desire to contribute to society.

In order to intertwine technological revolution with equitable, humane progress, it is critical to use law as the medium. Aditi aspires to achieve this by being a part of the government and driving legal and policy changes commensurate with the upcoming digital transformation of society.
Rohil Bipin Deshpande: Nalsar Univerity of Law

Law as an instrument of social change

Having grown up as an only child of working professionals, the one lesson that his parents imparted and which has always stuck with Rohil is to never limit yourself to your current potential; always learn from the people around you. For Rohil, growing up moving between four cities and studying in seven schools meant that there were always new people, thoughts and cultures to absorb. This incorporated a defining fluidity in his character which taught him the value of adaptability and acquiring knowledge and new ideas.

Consequently, studying law naturally appealed to him because of its dynamic and inter-disciplinary nature which exposes its practitioners to new and different ideas. Additionally, the years spent in school debating, public speaking and attending Model UN conferences imbibed in Rohil a love for argumentation, research and oration, which strengthened his resolve to study law. One of the most defining experiences of his life was of the Student Think Tank of India that his school undertook. Here social issues, ranging from equity, economic backwardness to social exclusion were discussed. Those sessions taught him the empowering nature of the study of law and how it can help one fight for social justice. Rohil intends to use his learning from these experiences to try and cultivate sensitivity towards social issues, something he feels that the legal field lacks. Law being intensely connected to society in multiple ways gives him hope to utilise his skills towards these goals.
Suneha A Kasal: Nalsar Univerity of Law

An embodiment of enlightenment

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela

Education has always taken precedence in Suneha’s family. Her grandmother and her mother spent a large part of their time in social services and educational trusts, thus helping Suneha imbibe moral principles from a young age. It is through these strong women, who have been a reckoning force in her life, that she learnt ignorance might be bliss, but knowledge is power.

It was during a lecture on the French revolution that Suneha had an epiphany. The picture of Lady Liberty holding a torch in one hand and a chart of human rights in the other awakened in her an interest for law. Like Lady Liberty, she too wished to become an embodiment of enlightenment and social reform someday. She believes that equal access to life sustaining resource such as education is vital if the society and individuals are to thrive and now more than ever, the world needs effective leaders who are prepared to engage with complex social challenges that impact our community and advocate for those who are underrepresented and vulnerable to exploitation.

Suneha wants to be that agent of change and she intends to do that by understanding the dynamics of education, law and human rights. I aspire to work with world renowned human rights lawyers and international organisations of human rights with a vision to make this world more equitable and just. For her, advocacy isn't merely a source of income; it's a step towards transforming my vision into reality.
Vishaka Ramesh: Nalsar Univerity of Law

Right from her childhood, Vishakha has always been encouraged to pursue her academic ambitions, thanks to her parents who created an environment where she was able to fulfil whatever aspiration she had. Both her parents belong to a professional background and are a driving force in influencing her dreams and teaching her the importance of staying on course and striving continually to fulfil her ambitions.

Vishakha acknowledges her mother in particular, who has managed to balance her career and family skilfully. For her, the allure of law wasn't its glamorous portrayal or popularity in books and movies, but the credence it provided to logical analysis and the opportunity it gives its practitioners to grow as individuals. Vishakha believes that at its very crux; law as a discipline involved perspective, rationality and dynamism.

Although her interests at this point vary from economics and market conditions to environmental law, she understands that her current course would provide her the platform to explore all possible avenues, develop various interests, and decide for herself which is best suited to her temperament. At the same time, Vishakha thinks law exposes her to various perspectives and opinions.

Her main agenda over the next five years is to develop her thought processes and expand her horizons. In the process, she hopes to grow as an individual. She has long nurtured a dream to work for the United Nations where she can operate in an environment that demands constant application and research, and mental stimulation, while exposing her to various cultures and perspectives.
Ambarin Munir Khambati: National Law School of India University

Aiming for the UN

Born in Surat, Ambarin grew up watching her family constantly embroiled in litigation. Her family is in the construction business and all family properties are currently stuck in legal disputes. She remembers coming home from school awaiting a court decision only to find that the judge had adjourned the case to a date six months later. Since the family’s livelihood depended on such decisions, it was easy to get disillusioned by the judicial system. But surprisingly, she never did, rather Ambarin was intrigued by the inner workings of the courtroom and the reasons for inordinate delays and lack of access to justice to the common man. She grew up desperately wanting to be a part of it, to be more than a silent spectator watching intently from the outside.

Ambarin was an avid debater and public speaker, and by the time she was 13, she had zeroed upon her career calling – she decided to become a lawyer. Ambarin began to plan her whole life around this single ambition. She tried her hand at everything from participating in MUNs to elocutions and declamations, always giving all these tasks her best shot.

After failing to make it to a top law school in her first attempt, she took a difficult decision to drop a year. It was a year of intense hard work but it imbibed in her grit and determination and she came out shining. Ambarin’s experience at the HPS Model United Nations, and the research that went into it, introduced her to the world of international relations and global politics.

Five years from now, after completing her law degree, she aspires to do her masters in International Relations, and hopes to work with the United Nations someday.
Ashi Mehta : National Law School of India University

Determination personified

Ashi reminisces an incident from class VIII when she was studying The Merchant of Venice in an English class, which is when a spark ignited in her. Ashi was utterly fascinated by how Portia deftly turned around the severe "pound of flesh" clause of Shylock's contract while remaining within the ambit of the contract, something which has stuck with her since then. This rudimentary brush with the law was the beginning of a journey which has culminated into Ashi choosing to enter the hallowed portals of National Law School of India, Bangalore.

Over the years, Ashi’s parents have consistently emphasised on how education is not just for financial sustenance but also a mode to develop oneself into a responsible adult who works towards something worthwhile. Ashi had zeroed upon law as a career choice while she was in school, because it not only involved giving back to the society but also because of how intellectually stimulating it is. Ashi’s idea of practising law is not limited to giving lengthy speeches in the courtroom and striving for personal glory. It involves a lot of reading and researching, thinking analytically, collaborating with people to find solutions, and sometimes even being able to say you don't have all the answers. She wants to strive towards an equitable and just society.

Ashi’s active participation in school activities, such as public speaking, writing, participating in student-run bodies and volunteering with the Interact Club have helped her immensely to become a more socially conscious person, and has invigorated her interest in justice and law. Ashi briefly interned with a Bombay High Court advocate in June 2016, which was a great learning experience and gave her a lot of exposure. She realised that there are people whose lives depend on how you frame your arguments and present it before the court. Although challenging, Ashi enjoyed her work and going to court. After studying further, she envisages to do similar work where she can engage in work that will make a difference to the lives of people.
Atharv Gupta: National Law School of India University

Towards a Humane Society

Atharv’s initial interest in law was ignited by the conversations at home on world polity, society and economy. His grandfather, a judge, with a formidable reputation for honesty and justice; his mother for whom the Indian preamble is way of life; and his father, a Delhi university topper, have been his role models. Their understanding of economics, law and politics soon started rubbing off on him. Atharv found himself reading the newspaper and was able to relate to what was happening. This interest grew in his final two years of school and eventually, he started leading discussions at home instead of being the audience.

His turning point came in the summer that followed his twelfth grade examinations; Atharv joined Conserve, an NGO with a pan-Indian presence. His work entailed conducting household surveys and social audits in Delhi slums. For him, it was a humbling experience as it exposed the poverty and inequality rampant in the country's capital. He investigated the relationship between governance and its impact and gained an insight into the broader gamut of politics and institutions within which policies must operate. This spurred him to explore these complex legal realities at a deeper level.

His interest in law and the ill-governance that results when laws are not implemented are the main reasons why he has chosen to study law. Atharv wants to be a part of the team which frames and executes laws that are the leitmotif of a humane society. Irrespective of the field he chooses after five years of law school, he believes that his work will reflect the same ethics and honesty that his grandfather was known for. He aims to work towards safeguarding the dignity and fundamental civil liberties of all, even the children of a lesser God.
Jyotsna Vilva: National Law School of India University

On a mission to reform law

Born to accomplished professionals who have always had high hopes for her, Jyotsna knew that working towards a professional degree was a given. In middle school, she had a passion for science and even entertained the thought of becoming a marine biologist at one point. However, her penchant for wit, coupled with her great memory and logic, made her consider the possibility of a legal career.

As a child, she viewed lawyers as intellectuals in fancy suits, the courts as swanky halls, filled with the brightest of minds, providing the most compelling of arguments, and justice always being rightfully and quickly served. So when she discovered that her grandfather was involved in a case, she was excited.

On hearing the details however, Jyotsna’s illusion was shattered. Her grandfather bought a flat in Mumbai in 1958. When his tenant refused to vacate it, he filed a suit in 1960. Innumerable appeals, courts, lawyers, papers and emails later, the case still continues. Jyotsna helped him type emails as part of his correspondence with his lawyers, and remembered being appalled at the state of the legal system where even a seemingly simple matter could be dragged out for 56 years. It troubled her to think that her grandfather, who had bought something with his hard earned money, was fighting a losing battle.

Something was not quite right with the legal system and she felt the need to try to do something about it. Getting to NLSIU is Jyotsna’s dream and she hopes that it will help her get one step closer to what she set out to do: to be instrumental in bringing about legal system reforms to ensure that no other person is deprived of justice. One day, she also hopes to restore, the vision that she once had of the legal profession.
Varsha Rawtani : National Law School of India University

All for women empowerment

All of 20 years, Varsha was born in Jaipur in a family of engineers, doctors and businessmen. When it came to her career, she chose the road less travelled by anyone in her family, but she’s quick to state that it wasn’t a hasty decision. The idea of studying law blossomed from several encounters and a lot of introspection.

Varsha narrates an incident from 2012, here she accompanied her mother to a hospital and while completing the formalities had to write down her relation with the patient. There were three options – father/spouse/son – and Varsha had to add the ‘daughter’ option, which she was happy to but also realised that even in these modern times our society continues to be highly patriarchal, both implicitly and explicitly. That's when she was inspired to bring about a change.

A year back, while strolling in her neighbourhood, she happened to hear her neighbour’s cries and woes. She and her mother intervened, and were horrified to find out that the lady was a victim of domestic violence. Despite being well-educated, she was scared to approach the authorities. Varsha realised that many people allow pain to accumulate and succumb to pain and hardships, and there is a need to alleviate this qualm and reform the attitude. This is when the thought of pursuing law struck her hard.

Varsha researched the field of law only to realise that it isn’t just a career but a tool to alter the society and lives of people. Currently, she’s at a very exciting stage in her life, gazing at diverse opportunities and challenges life will throw at her. She looks forward to studying human rights law and wants to work extensively for the upliftment and empowerment of women. She aims to learn and unveil various dimensions of this revolutionary profession.
Anmol Kanodia: Gujarat National Law University

Dreaming of change

The daughter of a wholesale sugar exporter father and primary school teacher mother, Anmol hails from Kanpur. Having lived in the same city, she believes it has encouraged her to value stability and being rooted. Anmol believes in contributing to the good of the society and has been associated with Bal Vikas Seva Samiti, which aims to educate and rehabilitate slum children.

Anmol topped school in the standard 12 board examinations through sheer hard work and determination. In addition to academics, Anmol has a keen interest in debating and social issues. As she grew older, it became evident to both her and her family that her future lay in pursuing social sciences for further studies.

The travails of her grandfather to safeguard his property had an indelible impact on her and influenced Anmol to study law. Anmol hopes to harness technology and law to increase access to information.
Samidha Sanjay Mathur : Gujarat National Law University

Overcoming the odds

In school, Samidha was always the youngest child of her class, prone to ill-health and often unable to attend class. It was not uncommon for her to not complete her class work, which led to her being labelled as a slow child. Not one to take things lying down, Samidha believed the only way to fight it was through hard work. And fight she did.

Samidha resolved to prove her capabilities, to improve her academic score and to take control of her life which led to far reaching changes in her life and has helped her become the person she is today. Samidha’s hunger for learning encouraged her to look out for opportunities and exploit every possibility to acquire knowledge.

Perseverance, hard work and steadfastness have been the hallmarks of her life. She refuses to accept defeat and would go to any extent humanely possible to improve her lot.
Srishti Rai Chhabra: National Law University

A mother’s daughter

Srishti was three when her father passed away. The event exposed the family to a lot of hardships – from finding their moorings after the untimely demise of the head of the family, to fighting societal taboos – the travails the Chhabras had to undergo were many.

Financial stability was the least of their concerns as Srishti’s mother was employed which helped the family to courageously face the challenges. However, the ostracism and social taboos that her mother had to face, opened Srishti’s eyes to the condition of widows in India. Srishti realised that though legislations like the Hindu Succession Act 1956 gave women rights to their husband's property, many were unaware of their rights and privileges. Srishti also realised to her consternation that pension for senior citizens and widows often failed to reach the intended beneficiaries.

The painful realisations led Srishti to take up law as a career and make it her life’s mission to work for the empowerment of widows. Srishti plans to start an NGO to work for the cause of widows and their rights in future.
Tejjas Malik: National Law University

For the triumph of sports

Originally from North India, Tejjas was brought up in Bengaluru. From a very young age, he was fascinated with sports, which was actively encouraged by his parents, especially his mother. Whether it was cricket, basketball or football; Tejjas excelled in each sport which impacted him positively as it helped him concentrate better in class.

Though not enamoured of studies initially, his interest in studies spiked as he advanced in school. Tejjas’s curiosity about societal issues and current affairs led him to learn about law and its importance. However, his overarching passion for sports influenced a young Tejjas to read and research on the various issues related to sports in the country.

An avid sportsman, Tejjas wants to use his training in law to raise awareness among sportspersons about their rights and remedies in case of breach of contracts. Tejjas also plans to use his legal expertise to contribute to the development of sports governance in future. Tejjas dreams to eventually start his own specialised law firm that caters to sportspersons and also works to reform sports governance in the country.
Indrajeet Bannerjie: WB National University of Juridical Sciences

From Law to Politics

Indrajeet aspires to be a litigator. He believes that he will relish the challenges he may face on a day-to-day basis which will help him form his own critical and analytical skills. Eventually, he wants to crossover to politics as it shall provide him a direct chance to serve the people. The larger aim in both these cases is to help him carry out his duties in such a way so as to redeem both professions.

Being a vociferous debater, Indrajeet inculcated the habit of applying two questions to everything - ‘Why?’ and ‘Why Not?’. Both these questions were applied to his choice of subject too. WHY lawyers and politicians are considered crooked and dishonest? And WHY not do something to change that perception?

He believes one fears and demonises what one doesn't understand and it is this indifference that he wishes to address. He wants to work towards eradicating the fear associated with both, law and politics. Indrajeet has always been good with words and has found it really enriching to communicate with people. He wants to put to use these two skills and address this issue from its very root.

He wishes to create a community to impart knowledge about the working of our legal system and the rights that the common man enjoys, thus wiping out the misgivings people nurse towards the judiciary. The urge to rejuvenate his profession of choice is the consideration which inspires him to be a leader of tomorrow. This scholarship, he believes, will largely help his case.
Sachi Ketan Shah : WB National University of Juridical Sciences

An aim to impact lives

As a Mumbaikar hailing from Gujarat, Sachi has studied across five schools having different pedagogies and environment in twelve years. Her time at Bombay Scottish School (BSS) and Aditya Birla World Academy (ABWA) played a significant role in shaping her personality that in turn has reflected in her choice of career. BSS gave Sachi a glimpse of the real India – 240 diverse students of all hues in one batch, highly-competitive environment but with a sense of camaraderie. It was here that she started voicing out her opinions on contemporary matters. She surprised herself when she started taking a liking towards research in course of the IB curriculum at ABWA.

Sachi’s experience as a founding board member of ABWA Community Service Club strengthened her resolve to choose a career path that will not only provide her with monetary benefits necessary for survival but also enable her to play a meaningful role in society. She soon realised that researching various facets of an issue, understanding different socio-commercial linkages, applying the principles of natural justice and passionately arguing the case came naturally to her, which augured well for a career in law.

As a lawyer, she wants to balance a corporate or litigation job alongside a legal aid centre for senior citizens and women. She found her experience of teaching migrant girls at Vincent Maria Social Service Society immensely satisfying as it had the potential to influence and mould lives. The experience inspired her to consider a career in teaching at some point of her career.

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