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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 2012
Ashutosh Madhavrao Bable: BITS ( Pilani)
Gaurav Ghosh: BITS ( Pilani)
Sentiwapang : BITS ( Pilani)
Sujata Sharma: BITS ( Pilani)
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Annam Vaibhav : IIM Shillong
Using stumbling blocks as building blocks

A never-say-die young man, Annam firmly believes that all the failures he has ever encountered in life have contributed in making him a completely well-rounded individual. Being serious is what everyone else does. Annam feels being sincere is more progressive. In his opinion, successful people are those who have learnt from their mistakes and not wasted time lamenting about them. In his words, he prefers being a visionary and not a mercenary.
Bharat Subramony : IIM Kozhikode
Giving back to society

Bharat believes in providing innovative solutions and paving the way for himself to becoming an entrepreneur while simultaneously contributing to society. He has already begun doing so by devising an instrument to assist the visually impaired improve their speed of writing. With the help of a friend, he has also worked at creating an optical calculator that would operate without batteries and would not require electricity — directly or indirectly.

A B.Tech from VJTI Mumbai, Bharat is currently pursuing an MBA at IIM, Kozhikode. He considers himself to be following in his father's footsteps and believes the saying 'Like father, like son' suits him best.
Deekshita Bisht : IIM Lucknow
Driving change through initiative

"You can't cross a sea by merely staring into the water." This saying by Rabindranath Tagore has left a profound impression on young Deekshita Bisht. She has learnt that words can be superfluous - not action. At school and later, she brought in a fresh way of thinking which helped in bringing about cost-cutting and savings. Her ability to 'stick her neck out' to express, she feels, has made a big difference in bringing about great changes on the work front. Deekshita firmly believes in making choices to make her destiny, not treating it as a matter of chance.
Duhita Shrikhande : IIM Bangalore
In quest of excellence

Duhita has aspirations of becoming a polyglot one day and with her determined stance, she is bound to make it happen. She believes learning foreign languages has given her a keen insight into her own mother tongue. A young woman, holding diverse interests and a positively can-do attitude, Duhita always seeks opportunity even in the face of adversity. She appreciates that different people work differently and it has helped her to apply her technical skills to maximise efficiency.
Harshvardhan Varadarajan: IIM Indore
Finding opportunity in adversity

Harshvardhan is a firm believer in striving for excellence even in the face of a catastrophe. Making the most of a situation and extracting the best out of it is what, he believes, is what makes the distinction between the best and the good. In spite of being bed-ridden with illness, Harshvardhan studied and appeared for his exams and was a National Topper with a score of 100. A perseverant employee, he is passionate about pursuing excellence and is ever-willing to go the extra mile.

Kirtika Sharma : IIM Ahmedabad
A passion to perform

Kirtika is a go-getter. She made in-roads in every sphere of activity she was involved in, where none previously existed.
Self-motivated, she is the driving force behind every success she has brought about, be it at college or in her work environs. Her single-minded dedication to pursuing matters that most people would consider unapproachable and making it work sets her apart from her associates and fellow-workers. Kirtika feels her passion is what drives her to face challenges head on, scale new heights and remain the consistent performer she is while being a team-player to help evolve into an enterprising leader.
Nikhil Mann: IIM Ahmedabad
A never say die attitude

Nikhil has had a life trying to overcome one problem after another and the success he has had has given him the much needed boost to accept any kind of challenge life has yet to offer. In spite of facing resistance in his efforts to achieve his targets, he never let any disappointments de-rail him but kept pursuing his goal, unswervingly. A hard-worker, Nikhil believes that difficult situations are what have brought out the best in him.
Nikita Garg : IIM Bangalore
Sincerity and consistency pays

Nikita is a confident young lady. Her confidence arises out of her sincerity with work which has helped her achieve the goals she has set for herself from time to time. She quotes John Coltrane "You can play a shoestring if you're sincere" and follows the saying wholeheartedly. She overcame her fear of Mathematics to pass out as the school topper from among 250 students. She repeated her ability to overcome hurdles by overcoming her fear of water and going on to represent IIT Guwahati at the Inter-IIT Aquatics meet.
Nivedita Sinha : IIM Kolkata
Thinking beyond conventions

A student of IIT Kharagpur, Nivedita is the proud initiator of the Technology Transfer Group at the institute. She devised a channel to bridge the gap and helped market technology to potential customers in the industry. She believes in exploring the unknown in order to evolve as a society and a species. Sticking to laid-down norms is just not her style. Nivedita calls herself an explorer who is confident about identifying opportunities, taking initiatives and trusting her instincts and capabilities to do the right thing.
Ritesh Agarwal : IIM Bangalore
Leading by example

Unconventional, daring to try different approaches, experiment-minded - that's Ritesh Agarwal. Hailing from a business background, Ritesh opted to join the science stream after class X. Despite the taxing schedule of classes and practicals, he made time to pursue his interests of sports and cultural activities.

A winner of many competitions at college level, Ritesh is proud to have started his career with ITC which vested responsibility in a newcomer like him with confidence, thereby reaffirming his own self-belief. He hopes to be able to influence his colleagues at the corporate level and work towards making a difference at the national level.
Rohit Singh : IIM Ahmedabad
Making a difference

Hard work pays rich dividends and Rohit learnt this early in life. Given a daunting environment project where he was supposed to bring down costs of manufacturing, he applied all the technical expertise he had gained academically and within the strict deadline of two months, managed to reduce the cost from Rs80,000 to Rs9000! Other than the financial rewards, he feels it was gratifying to realise his input helped contribute to making a positive difference to the environment. Rohit believes it's his indomitable willpower coupled with relentless effort that has led him to achieve his goals, in spite of hurdles. He lets his efforts define him rather than the situations.
Sachin Bhardwaj : IIM Ahmedabad
Not losing the common touch

Born and brought up in a family where his mother is a medical practitioner and his father is in the Civil Services Sachin Bharadwaj is indeed as unique as he claims to be. Health issues, safety and social awareness were topics that were discussed on a nearly every day basis during his growing years.

With such a background, it was only normal for him to be easily adaptable to unfamiliar and diverse situations without any preparation. His interests lie in public policy and he desires to be a part of the policy think-tank to make a positive difference in the Indian socio-political scene.
Siddhant Singh : IIM Kolkata
Finding excellence in discomfort

Siddhant holds his father as his guiding light and it was his father who advised him to look for excellence. Forced to discontinue education at Harvard - for both medical and financial reasons - Siddhant returned to India, travelled around and started to write. He believes he stands to learn from the community and holds a unique perspective and skill set to give back to the community.
Udit Kejriwal : IIM Ahmedabad
Striking the right balance

A strong understanding of business fundamentals and identifying problems at a grass root level helps to deliver a quality product. This is what Udit firmly believes in. A post graduate management student at IIM Ahmedabad, he wants to firm up his base in finance and human resources, specifically in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector, which contributes nearly 45 per cent of total manufacturing output in the country.

Udit has completed courses in Mechanical Engineering, production planning and control and supply chain management - under industrial engineering. He proudly states that he has lived up to the expectations of his family by determinedly pursuing commerce and emerging successful on the academic front as well as in gaining practical experience.
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Abhinav Deep Singh: IIT Delhi
Arpit Shrivastava: IIT Kanpur
Bijoy Singh Kochar: IIT Bombay
Kunal Singhal: IIT Delhi
Pranav Ravindra Maneriker: IIT Kanpur
Rahul Trivedi: IIT Delhi
Sanyam Agarwal: IIT Kharagpur
Satya Nunna Mounika: IIT Chennai
Saurabh Sharma: IIT Delhi
Shrey Goyal: IIT Bombay
Shubham Chandak: IIT Bombay

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Trichi Chawla: XLRI Jamshedpur
Investing in human capital

A firm believer in a holistic approach to personality development, Trichi has learned to strike a balance in every task she undertakes. Human resource is a potential that, correctly tapped, can yield rich rewards in the corporate arena giving a much needed competitive edge to success. Investing in people, she feels, is the best move a company can make towards individual and corporate growth - right from recruitment to training and motivation.

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