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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 2010
Ankita Sarda: BITS ( Pilani)
Prakash Singh: BITS ( Pilani) Rajasthan
Self-development, a constant ideal
A multi-pronged approach towards self-development — be in the academic, professional, or personal sphere — is the ideal Prakash consistently works towards. Not one to rest on his laurels, he believes in stretching his abilities and talents to the fullest by setting himself increasingly challenging goals, and then pushing his limits to accomplish, and even excel in, all his undertakings. When compounded with a healthy team spirit and the fortitude to think his decisions through before he makes them, Prakash's ambitious self-development plans have earned him the distinction of being an “Aditya Birla Scholar”.

Shuja Shabir: BITS ( Pilani) Rajasthan
Diamond from the rough
Shuja's journey towards academic excellence was, by no means, easy. Hailing from the troubled Valley of Kashmir where basic education was more of a luxury than the basic essential most people take for granted in other parts of the country, most of Shuja's learning is self-motivated, and at times, even self-taught. Today, as an Aditya Birla Scholar, she aims to demonstrate how sheer grit and unwavering focus can help an individual overcome even the most daunting of challenges.

Vaibhav Grewal: BITS ( Pilani) Rajasthan
Prioritising to excel
Prioritising his tasks and responsibilities is a habit Vaibhav holds responsible for his illustrious academic career. Having actively participated in numerous co-curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout his school years, he is a staunch advocate of sincerity, self-motivation and the willingness to learn from past failures... traits that have earned him numerous accolades and leadership positions through the years.
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Abhiram R: IIM Lucknow
A leader and a friend
Abhiram's strong, extroverted personality has always drawn him towards leadership roles, and to assume responsibilities that demanded strong commitment, a fiery passion and robust team spirit. Over the years, his irrepressible commitment to hard work and willingness to lend all his team members a fair, unbiased ear, have further added to his innate leadership skills, while also fuelling in him the desire to be remembered as 'a friend, teacher and a good human being'.
Aditya Navada: IIM Bangalore
A vision to change lives
Aditya is a strong advocate of accepting one's shortcomings and working to overcome them... an attitude that has won him both accolades and frustration through his academic career. His vision is guided by the firm belief in choosing a path that makes lives happier and more meaningful; a vision he hopes to work towards during his tenure as an Aditya Birla Scholar.

Aditya Khandelia: IIM Ahmedabad
In search of excellence
Aditya's fascination with excellence has found expression in the numerous accolades he has won throughout his academic career. What's more, his desire to “excel at whatever he does” has, by his own admission, acted as a constant source of motivation and inspiration for him, always pushing him towards more challenging, and also more rewarding, goals.
Amit Verma: IIM Bangalore
An innovative team leader
For Amit, the time-worn adage of 'the whole is more than the sum of its parts' can very well define the crux of his life-long belief in innovative teamwork. In both his professional and academic spheres, he has worked towards streamlining the collective creativity and ingenuity of his talented peers into teams that, in his words, “multiply their collective geniuses”, an outlook that he believes, can accomplish hitherto unimagined goals.
Anish Nazimudeen: IIM Bangalore
Innovative and inspired
Life within the comfort zone has never served to inspire Anish's unconventional choices – be it in his luminous academics or his co-curricular activities. His drive to try new things and ability to constantly 'think on his feet' has spurred several innovative initiatives, which in turn, have won him numerous accolades.
Ankit Gupta: IIM Ahmedabad
Excellence on all counts
Ankit's zest for excellence spills over into all spheres of life – academics, sports and cultural. Over the years, he has gone on to overcome numerous challenges, undertake innovative initiatives, and has even dabbled in hitherto foreign waters to produce dazzling results. By his own admission, Ankit's honest, disciplined approach has added further momentum to his pursuit of excellence, a trait that he credits to his early upbringing.
Arijit Sarkar: IIM Bangalore
Bettering his bests
Arijit's story is one of perseverance, grit and sheer hard work. Through his academic career, he constantly challenged himself to strain against his limits by taking on new research projects that would help him attain all-round, holistic development. By way of his skills and academic training, Arijit seeks to impact the community on a larger scale, and collaborate with others like him to bring his vision closer to reality.
Ayesha Jaggi: IIM Bangalore
Committed and compassionate
Ayesha believes in challenges... challenges that encourage her to stretch her abilities beyond their usual thresholds, and eventually go on to enhance the quality of life of people they impact. Be it academics or extra-curricular activities, she has consistently striven towards her ideal of 'excellence with compassion'.
Niranjan Sundararaman: IIM Kolkota
Managing leadership
As experience has taught him, Niranjan believes that a leader's role is, in many ways, like that of a manager in a corporate scenario - in that, a leader is entrusted with the unique responsibility of inspiring his team mates to efficiently accomplish a common goal. And to this end, his inborn leadership traits such as rapport building and strong work ethic, coupled with his flexibility and versatility, had served him in good stead.
Richa Thakur: IIM Lucknow
Hard work, her secret weapon
For Richa, fortitude and hard work have been her best allies in her journey towards academic and professional excellence. Her indomitable spirit and desire to take on new challenges have led her through an interesting career graph that, she hopes, will finally culminate in her lifelong dream of becoming a professional restaurateur and chef.
Utsha Sarkar: IIM Lucknow
Adapt and evolve
Growing up as a child who had to constantly cope with an erratic academic schedule, Utsha quickly learned the importance of flexibility in helping her overcome challenges. Her unshakable optimism, coupled with her dogged perseverance, ultimately secured her a place in one of the most reputed management institutes in the country, and also the distinguished honour of being named an 'Aditya Birla Scholar'.

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Abhijit Sharang: IIT Kanpur
True to himself
For Abhijit, staying true to his beliefs has had a very important role to play in shaping his academic and professional career choices. He asserts that it is this quality that gives him his self-confidence and an impressive decision-making ability — both of which are crucial characteristics of a successful leader. However, he is quick to admit that unless tempered with a generous dose of objectivity and judiciousness, this attitude can very often morph into stubbornness, a trait he works hard to steer away from.
Anumula Reddy: IIT Bombay
Gaurav Kumar: IIT Kharagpur
Determination that knows no bounds
Gaurav's story is one of perseverance and hard work. Hailing from a not-so-affluent financial background, he overcame several challenges to secure a seat in IIT Kharagpur. His conviction in his goals stems from his belief in his abilities — and determination — to turn his dreams into reality, a quality that has won him the title of an “Aditya Birla Scholar”.
Mehul Kumar: IIT Delhi
Sabareesh Nikhil: IIT Mumbai
Success: a journey more than a destination
Nikhil's enthusiasm to undertake new projects, roles and responsibilities is often driven by his thirst for the knowledge the task has to offer, more than the actual goal in itself. This attitude, in turn, allows him to enjoy the hands-on learning to its fullest, thus fuelling in him the desire to work harder and more efficiently. Nikhil considers his failures to be stepping stones to his successes... an attitude that has helped him work towards gaining mastery over all the tasks he performs.

Shivam Handa: IIT Delhi
Sporting success
For a not-so-ambitious student who was more actively involved in his fledgling sporting career than his academic curriculum through his school years, Shivam has certainly come a long way. He attributes his academic successes to lessons he learned early, as a budding sportsman, namely a relentless desire to push his limits with challenging goals, and a fiery passion to devote himself completely to any undertaking at hand.
Vidya Muthukumar: IIT Madras
A musical perfectionist
A self-admitted perfectionist, Vidya's voracious appetite for challenges is only matched by her strong commitment to excelling in every task she undertakes. In addition to consistently maintaining a picture-perfect academic record, she is also an avid musician who specialises in Carnatic vocals and Western classical piano. Driven by her strong belief in her self-determined goals, Vidya has made several eyebrow-arching decisions in her academic career, and has then gone on to demonstrate how hard work and perseverance can transform the seemingly impossible into inspiring successes.

Vishal Gupta: IIT Kanpur
Responsibly yours
As he candidly admits, Vishal's goals – both long-term and short-term – are grounded in, and directed by, a strong sense of responsibility. Be it his personal life, co-curricular activities at school or even his eventual transition into computer science, Vishal believes that connecting with people, understanding their needs and eventually fulfilling them is how he, as an individual, can give back to society.


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