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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 2008
Piyush R Suraj: BITS ( Pilani) Pilani
That need for speed…

Born in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh, Piyush is currently pursuing B.E (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering at BITS, Pilani. His passion for cars inspired him to opt for Engineering. He loves to collect pictures, wallpaper and articles of different models (LMVs/HMVs). Needless to say, Piyush watches WRC and F1 with keen interest and is fascinated by the cutting edge technologies and extreme engineering involved in professional racing machines. Piyush believes that it requires different people from different areas of science to join forces and develop the technologies and machines that are more productive, efficient and practical.
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Aditya Bisen: IIM Lucknow
“It involves us all”

Aditya's interest in Economics and Finance dates back to the discussions on topical issues at home. His rendezvous with Environmental Economics and carbon credits began during his undergraduate honours course in Economics. A joint secretary of the Economic society in college, Aditya was also selected as the Google Campus Ambassador in college, which provided him with an opportunity to test his leadership skills. He has chosen management education to learn advanced business skills and to apply them to the area of combating global warming, an issue that remains close to his heart. After post graduation, Aditya plans to work for a financial firm to understand the nuances of the market and thereafter plunge into the business of carbon credits through his own venture in the area of clean development mechanism (CDM).
Amit Gupta: IIM Ahmedabad
Buffett, better watch out!

Amit strongly believes that a balanced combination of academics and experience is essential for success. During his undergraduate years at IIT Kharagpur, Amit was initiated into the different aspects of finance. His experience at Goldman Sachs and Clear Capital as an equity analyst convinced him to opt for a career in the same field. The formal structure of education at IIM Ahmedabad is perfect for him to gain a deeper insight of the business processes, after which Amit aspires to join an equity research team and deal with Indian stocks. He believes that if done well, equity research can drive firms to work in the best interest of the investors and also force the firms to make the best use of their resources and generate maximum benefit for the society.
Aparajita Agrawal : IIM Bangalore
To dream the impossible and make it possible

Driven by the conviction 'to dream the impossible dream', Aparajita believes that her formative years were shaped by her parents who instilled in her a strong value system and a resolve to never accept mediocrity. A keen interest in Mathematics and Science led her to pursue her graduation from BITS, Pilani. Spurred on by her quest for excellence, she graduated as the gold medallist of her batch. Aparajita also has a strong passion for dance and athletics from an early age. She is a member of several literary associations such as the Hindi Press Club that help her to carry forward her interest in creative writing. Aparajita has also had a three year stint at Yahoo! where she got the chance to work in a dynamic environment. She wishes to be a beacon of learning for young minds by becoming a part of the academia in the future.
Bogati Reddy: IIM Calcutta
Planning is everything...

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Bogati considers his parents a major influence in his life; they made him realise the true value of education and inspired him to excel in studies right from his childhood. Bogati had also taught school children in his village and recently he started giving scholarships to the students of class X based on merit. A graduate in Mathematics, he wanted to appear in the Civil Services Examination. However owing to circumstances he opted for a management degree so as to secure a sound financial footing in the corporate world. Bogati believes that the knowledge gained during his M.B.A and the experience attained in work life would greatly contribute in his future endeavours i.e. becoming a civil servant.
Chandrima Das: IIM Calcutta
Faster, stronger, higher...

Born in the wonderful and nurturing environment of Shillong, Chandrima’s role model is her mother, an IAS officer. Editing the school magazine brought forward her flair for writing and many of her articles and poems have been published since then. Her desire to learn has never been dampened by the lack of a teacher and she taught herself to play the guitar. During her graduation in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT Durgapur, she gained the perspective into the driving force of tomorrow's business processes, i.e. Technology. Chandrima has been involved in organising activities in college, be it technical festivals or quiz competitions. She considers studying at IIM Calcutta as a wonderful opportunity to learn not merely management but life-skills, in a wonderful melting pot of analysis, science, ideas and attitude. Chandrima wants to apply her skills to enrich technology in small scale businesses in India, especially the North-east.
Perseus Aspi Patrawala : IIM Ahmedabad
Making a difference...

The cornerstones of Perseus’ foundation have been 'honesty, integrity and respect'. As an exponent of the Indian classical dance form- kathak for over 10 years with a national cultural scholarship, Perseus imbibes a process that gives him more than one perspective of viewing things. A consultant by profession, he has spent time in Singapore interacting with people from nine nationalities, driving key business decisions in the team. Perseus is also interested in creative writing and is associated with TYAAG (the yoga and art group). For him management is not an end, but simply the means to it. Post management he sees himself working in the consulting domain, with an aim towards learning across industries, sectors and verticals.
Rohini Ramchandran: IIM Bangalore
Mind over matter...

Rohini firmly believes that she can do anything if she sets her mind for it. With hard work and belief in herself she secured a coveted seat in the electronics and communications department at NIT Trichy. Handling the intricacies of managing a diverse team and tackling the numerous problems that might arise stimulate her. This made her opt for IIM Bangalore. After graduating, she wants to work in consultancy to hone her strategic thinking and problem solving skills and later on wants to move on to human resource management, specifically conflict resolution.
Shamiroh Tikoo: IIM Bangalore
Creatively engineered

Shamiroh considers himself fortunate for having inherited a creative and innovative bent of mind, as a legacy from his grandfather. Despite a keen interest in Kashmiri handicrafts, and indulgence in creative endeavours, he has always remained focused on academics, inspired by his mother who teaches Mathematics. During his Engineering days at IIT Bombay, he took to Robotics and designed a variety of robots which crawled, walked and moved on wheels. Apart from that he was also the basketball team captain, media manager and organiser for various cultural and musical events at IIT. He has worked in Inductis and Strategic Decisions Group (SDG), where he realised the need for a formal education in business administration and thus opted for management studies. He believes that an MBA from IIM Bangalore will enable him to unify his creative instincts with business acumen. Shamiroh dreams of building the firm of his dreams in the future.
Shilpa Rangaswamy: IIM Bangalore
Beyond business...

Shilpa grew up in a joint family, where she learnt to value healthy competition and respect differences in opinion. She has acquired the significance of perseverance and optimism from her father which has been complemented perfectly by her mother's stress on pragmatism. Shilpa has always maintained an excellent academic record, participated in several extracurricular activities and learnt important lessons in multi-tasking, team dynamics and leadership. As a volunteer for the corporate sustainability arm at TCS, she has worked on educational initiatives for underprivileged children. To set up a sustainable organisation of a commendable scale requires powerful network, skill and credibility. Shilpa believes that the management degree at IIM Bangalore is a step towards acquiring these and enhancing her own expertise. She wants to build Umang- a system for children in need in her hometown, Mumbai, that would encourage individuals and corporates to 'adopt the future' of a child and support her educational endeavours.
Vaishnaovi : IIM Calcutta
Go with the flow...

Born in the border town of Pathankot, Vaishnaovi has traveled across the length and breadth of the country with her father, an army officer. This made her internalise the vast diversity and economic potential of India. She considers adaptability as one of her biggest strengths. Vaishnaovi plans to work with a consulting firm for the first few years of her career and thereafter wants to start a consulting firm of her own. She wants to use this platform to provide employment to the illiterate and the downtrodden. Her firm would act as a bridge between large corporates and the local NGOs which have their roots in the rural areas. Vaishnaovi believes that in IIM Calcutta her quest for knowledge will be fully realised and the experience will also help her achieve her objectives.
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Abhinav Garg: IIT Delhi
Surely, you are not joking Mr...

Hailing from Punjab, Abhinav was inspired by his father's logical and systematic bent of mind and had always aspired to be an engineer like him. He developed an affinity for Mathematics during his higher secondary course of studies with the aspiration of Engineering firmly rooted in his mind. After completing his degree Abhinav plans to do his Masters in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Princeton University. He aims to join the Indian Foreign Services someday and serve his country.
Akshay Kumar : IIT Delhi
Build to last…

Born in Haryana in an agricultural family, Akshay strongly feels for cause of rural India and its infrastructural drawbacks. He believes that civil engineering is the backbone of infrastructural development and that India will progress only when rural India progresses. Rural India should have its proper share of roads, railways, electricity, drinking water, drainage system, schools, hospitals, waste management, dams, canals, bridges, etc. Considering all these facts, Akshay chose Civil Engineering as he wants to serve rural India. His emphasis would be on the infrastructural development, making optimum use of the locally available resources and also generating employment for the local people.
Ankush Agarwal: IIT Bombay
Language knows no bounds

Hailing from Berhampur in Orissa, Ankush considers his father the greatest motivator of his life. Fascinated by Mathematics and chess, he had participated and won in several Mathematics Olympiads. Adept in English, Hindi, Telugu, Oriya and Marwari, Ankush firmly believes in the art of communication that help him to communicate with many people. He has learnt from his father that one should use one's skills and talents in helping the underprivileged. After his B.Tech degree, he wishes to join IIM, Ahmedabad. Ankush plans to open educational institutions and social service centres all across India.
Harsh Prasad: IIT Delhi
Dare to dream

For Harsh, his father's dream of seeing him pursuing Engineering in IIT became a driving force. He wants to pursue higher education after completing his degree. However, the sudden demise of his father altered his decision and Harsh wants to be a professional as soon as he completes his course. He wants to support his mother and sister and is dedicated to work to the best of his abilities to secure a good placement in a reputed company. He still nurtures the hope of further studies and wants to pursue it once his family's needs are taken care of. Committed and motivated, Harsh is geared to take life as it comes.
Ish Dhand: IIT Kanpur
Optimally speaking!

Ish belongs to a family with a penchant for Science and creative ideas. His mother, a double gold medallist is a lecturer in Botany, and his father, a senior bank executive holds Masters degrees in Economics and an MBA. His brother is working for Philips Research, Bangalore after securing a dual degree in Computer Science from IIT Delhi. Ish has discovered an interest in applications of Mathematics, logic and creativity towards understanding nature, in Physics, and towards the simulation and optimisation of processes, in Computer Science. He has joined Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kanpur as it will provide him a unique opportunity for undergraduate research. He wishes to attain a high level of competence in Computer Science while simultaneously taking up as many Physics and Mathematics electives as possible. Ish is especially interested in taking up interdisciplinary projects to work on in the fields of Computer Science and Physics. He aspires to work for leading research institutes like TIFR and IISc, Bangalore. Along with research, he also wishes to teach at the same institute.
Nikhil Garg : IIT Delhi
Another brick in the wall? Nah...

Born in Bhiwani, Haryana, Nikhil's father is a veterinary surgeon and mother a lecturer in college. His parents have instilled in him humane and social values and also the significance of analytical thinking. According to Nikhil, the powerful seeds of inquisitiveness resulted in his love for Science and Mathematics. He is grateful to his teachers and parents for sowing the passion for science in him, that he believes will metamorphose his life at large. Currently pursuing B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering in IIT Delhi, he wants to let himself 'evolve' and pick up whatever is best for honing his abilities and capabilities.
Nishant Totla: IIT Bombay
Every positive integer is one of his personal friends...

Hailing from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Nishant's father is a paediatric surgeon and mother an eye surgeon and also a lawyer. In school he was not only good at academics but was also actively involved in sports, music and science related activities. Nishant's interest in Mathematics grew after he learnt about the life of S. Ramanujan, which also taught him to strive hard towards attaining goals and to stand strong in the face of adversities. He aims to master the way computers work and then apply his knowledge to research, in a bid to solve some of today's problems, like, various conjectures in number theory, solving complicated equations of modern physical theories, fluid dynamics, etc. After B.Tech Nishant wishes to pursue M.Tech and then PhD and wants to be actively involved in research.
Pulakanti A Kumar : IIT Kharagpur
Dedication is the key…

Pulakanti, a student of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Kharagpur, always had a strong desire to become a software engineer. After attaining his B.Tech degree, he wishes to pursue management studies. Pulakanti is hardworking and dedicated. His agricultural background has not deterred him or his brother's ambition to excel. His brother, a scholarship holder, is studying in IIT Kharagpur.
Shitikanth : IIT Kanpur
Born to C-eek!

Born in a family of doctors, Shitikanth grew up to cherish scientific knowledge, learning and values. Fascinated with his computer, he started C programming in sixth grade. He chose Computer Science and Engineering as computers have been a lifelong passion for him. The main objective of his IIT Kanpur sojourn is to learn more about his interests- computers and Physics. On completion of the course, he wishes to go for further studies, i.e. M.Tech / M.S. and pursue research as a career.
Vasuki N : IIT Madras
Dance, music and more...

A native of Karnataka, Vasuki has traveled extensively across India along with her parents. She has learnt Caryatid music in addition to Bharatnatyam. Apart from academics she has taken lot of interest in many extracurricular activities in her school life. It was in her college days that she developed a deep desire to become a scientist. She realised that Physics was her subject of choice and she opted for Electrical Engineering in IIT Madras. Vasuki's goal is to develop strong engineering and professional skills by pursuing higher studies and research in her area of interest. She wishes to serve her country through creation of innovative technology.

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