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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 2007
Namrata Raman: BITS ( Pilani)
Hailing from a traditional south Indian family with her parents as her role models, Namrata imbibed a perfect blend of strong values and the confidence necessary to doing what is correct irrespective of what the world thought or said. She developed an interest in Chemistry from her father who is a Chemical Engineer and empathy to give back to society from her mother who serves as a volunteer for the Spastic Society of India. Keeping this in mind, Namrata went on to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering with a specific focus on Environmental Health. ‘Green Chemistry’ is where her interest lies and she wishes to work in small towns and villages, helping to reduce levels of pollution and wastage. She hopes to discover efficient and environment friendly methods which various industries can adopt thereby contributing to make the world a better, cleaner and greener place to live in.
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Anshuman Sinha: IIM Bangalore
Good education and strong values have always been emphasised by Anshuman's family. His decision to pursue an MBA after working for two years was based on his need to broaden his horizons and enhance his scope of learning from a structured course curriculum as well as his peers. He believes that industry has the capacity to touch lives in a more extensive way and academia has a major role in adding to the knowledge pool. His long-term goal is to pursue his quest for knowledge in a more structured way by doing a doctoral and contributing to the education sector in the capacity of a teacher, a mentor and a counsellor. A more balanced world view is what he seeks to internalise during his two years at IIMB which he hopes will guide him as a beacon in this quest.
Anurag Agrawal: IIM Lucknow
Belonging to a family of doctors who run a privatised hospital, Anurag drew inspiration from his grandfather whose words ‘Child, everyone doesn’t get the opportunities you have now. Realise their value and use them well’, have borne a strong influence on shaping his character. Thus, pursuing medical studies came naturally to him. However the thought of him being able to provide only temporary relief to seriously ill patients always disturbed him. Soon he decided that he wanted to be more than a provider of medical services, he wanted to be an enabler of medical services, taking them to those who cannot afford them. He wishes to set up a chain of hospitals that serve remote areas while deriving expertise and support from a core central organisation. To set up and manage such an initiative requires more than the specialised medical knowledge that he presently has, which is why he is presently pursuing management studies at IIML. Anurag can’t wait to be the change that he always wanted to see.
Bipin N. Kulkarni: IIM Bangalore
Bipin’s formative years have been shaped by his parents who laid emphasis on education with a spirit of enquiry, hard work and perseverance as a means to success. At BITS Pilani, he was exposed to a variety of challenges in the form of bringing innovation into research, leading small organisations and working on large projects as a team member. Subsequently his two-year stint at Yahoo Research and Development gave him an opportunity to play the role of an intrapreneur, taking complete charge of development and deployment of software products. He plans to direct his efforts in creating new innovations through the career path of entrepreneurship. IIMB, he believes, will help build his business acumen, add to his repertoire of knowledge, give him an understanding of various business functions and help him gain insights into the functioning of organisations, markets and business environments.
Gagan Joshi: IIM Calcutta
Hailing from a family that has a varied educational background has helped contribute to Gagan’s aspiration to learn from diverse quarters. Pursuing Mechanical Engineering helped him ascribe to his fascination to understand machines. An active participant in sports and extra curriculars, Gagan has many accolades to his credit. His dream is to learn more and attain more knowledge, exploring new avenues of learning. He believes that the diversity, academic excellence and broad array of courses providing cross-functional knowledge of various business domains along with extra curricular activities at IIMC will provide an environment that will hone his leadership. After completing his MBA from IIMC, he seeks to pursue a dynamic career, which will further provide him with opportunities to learn more and enhance his knowledge. He prefers to work in a global consultancy firm, which would give him the opportunity to work with multiple industries and clients thereby broadening his horizons. Gaining the experience, he wishes to start an automobile consulting firm that will explore new areas of automobile development and give the automobile industry a new perspective.
Kaushik Saha: IIM Calcutta
Kaushik’s resolution to excel in academics stems from his belief that education is the only path to social recognition and is the only way to repay the sacrifices made by his parents. A graduate from IIT Kharagpur, he felt management education would add value to his technical skills and lead to his overall personality development. After completing his MBA, he wishes to pursue a career in finance or consulting. He has a passion for solving analytical and reasoning problems, which he believes, will help him follow a career in finance. An active volunteer with HelpAge India and National Service Scheme, Kaushik also wishes to give back to society and to the nation.
Rohit Chadda: IIM Calcutta
Rohit’s family background is to be attributed for his predilection for film-making. His penchant for films led him to produce, direct and act in a number of plays in school. To hone his skills further he attended dramatics workshops and performed for National School of Drama graduates. Rohit further went on to pursue a professional Engineering degree where he learnt the art of time management, balancing a rigorous course curriculum with work. Rohit believes management education from IIMC will help him gain a deeper understanding of business areas and provide him with the essential skill-sets, credibility and a strong network. He plans on working in the entertainment industry to gain practical experience so that he can start his own venture along with his brother who is currently working with Vivek Vaswani. He is confident that he will be able to complement his brother’s technical and creative skills by handling the financial and marketing aspects of their future company.
Satakshi Mishra: IIM Calcutta
From the tribal villages of Keonjhar to the cultural hub of Bhubaneswar, Satakshi has seen it all, travelling with her parents from the time she was little, due to the demands of their jobs. This not only taught her tolerance but also the most important value - respecting people and their cultures. With professional training in Hindustani classical vocals and Odissi, she has numerous public performances to her credit. On completion of her management studies, she intends to venture into the domain of consulting, gaining experience and expertise thereby leveraging her learning to enrich as many lives as possible. She plans on working with non-profit organisations on projects at the grass root level, especially those involving cottage industries like handicrafts, handlooms, etc., and come up with business plans that will not only generate revenue but also lead to social upliftment. For Satakshi, the greatest success lies not merely in reaching the zenith of a business empire, but in helping ten people build their own little worlds.
Shaleen R. Harlalka: IIM Calcutta
Always encouraged by his parents to explore his potential, Shaleen participated in a multitude of activities but it eventually made him realise that he was happiest when using his brain to think and analyse. His affinity towards brainwork led him to an interest in Science and Mathematics which won him a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad as well as awards at various levels in Chemistry, Astronomy and Mathematics Olympiad. He went on to do his Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay and is presently pursuing management education at IIMC. With this education he hopes to apply his analytical skills to business, particularly to finance. His current plan is to build a successful career in finance, after which he intends to move on to start up and entrepreneurial venture or possibly move into private equity.
Shaveen Garg: IIM Bangalore
With an AIR Rank of 92 in JEE, Shaveen opted for Computer Science in IIT Bombay which helped him develop an analytical mindset. After IIT, he chose to work with a young management consulting firm, but he yearned to leave a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate people. Over time he was influenced by the idea of social entrepreneurship and for-profit social initiatives which is the reason behind his aspiration of launching a firm, which provides consulting services to developmental organisations to help them generate a larger impact on societies.
Susha Kaul: IIM Bangalore
Born in Kashmir, Susha spent the formative years of her life in different parts of India because of the nature of her father’s job; in the process she imbibed the essence and flavour of different cultures. Apart from consistently maintaining an excellent academic record both at school and graduation levels, she participated in various extracurricular activities as well. She learnt Bharatanatyam and participated in debates, dramatics and elocutions. In college, she ventured into the fields of event management and literary activities. Exposure to a wide array of activities made her realise that apart from technical and analytical skills she also needed a sound training in handling real life situations which tend to be more abstract and uncertain; hence her decision to pursue a course in management. Her dream is to be able to someday mitigate the suffering of the migrant people and initiate a cooperative society for Kashmiri handicrafts which she believes will be a source of revival for the displaced Kashmiri brethren.
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Antariksh Bothale: IIT Bombay
Being the son of parents who are both space scientists working for the Indian Space Research Organisation, naturally ingrained an interest for science and technology in Antariksh. Mechanical Engineering is the stream he chose, as he believes that the processes and systems that drive technology and industry are essentially the fruits of Mechanical Engineering. Emerging technologies in Biotechnology, Cryogenics, Material Science and Nanotechnology will create new job opportunities for mechanical engineers. Antariksh’s interests lie in providing creative and viable alternative solutions for seemingly simple but important problems. Extending cost-effective technology to rural areas is a great challenge, which encourages him to be involved in the development of the nation from the smallest to the largest level.
Apoorv Agarwal: IIT Delhi
Belonging to a family that exemplifies academic excellence, with his father being an IIT Delhi graduate, his mother being a topper of Agra University, his sister being a topper in school and his cousins hailing from reputed institutes like IIT Kharagpur and MIT, Apoorv naturally aspired for excellence in the academic field. His interests lie in Physics and he wishes to pursue higher studies in the subject eventually in a foreign university. His ultimate goal is to contribute new and ground-breaking results to the quantum theory.
Harsh H. Pareek: IIT Bombay
Hailing from a family of doctors and engineers led Harsh to pursue the field of science with his interests in Mathematics and Physics. Securing All India Rank 8 in IIT-JEE 2007 helped him procure a seat in IIT Bombay in the subjects of his choice – Computer Science and Engineering. Harsh believes that computers have revolutionised the world and that one only needs a brain and a computer to start a company, quoting the examples of Microsoft, Google and Apple. For him, any innovation in Computer Science has the potential to change the world. His goal is to do a post graduation followed by a PhD in the field of his choice. In his wish to pursue the dream of former president Abdul Kalam – ‘The youth of the country should not aim to be job seekers, but job providers’, Harsh desires to establish a company that will promote research and will provide employment to the youth of India.
Immanuel Ilavarasan Thomas: IIT Madras
Starting from early childhood, Immanuel showed a desire for learning how things work which led him to his innovative creations and thinking when he constructed a barometer with ball point pen refills and enjoyed opening up household items and radio sets. An avid reader on various topics like robotics, flying machines and the likes, his interests led him to the area of computing. Regular interactions with his brother who was pursuing Biotechnology, made Immanuel aware of the latest research institutes that exist in the country, the likes of IISc and TIFR. This motivated him to eventually take up a career in research. He aims at pursuing doctoral studies in a world-class institute and eventually setting up his own research group working on an interface involving computing. He also envisages himself in a teaching role, being the son of a professor, as he believes that one masters a subject in its entirety when one teaches it.
Keshav Prawasi: IIT Kharagpur
Keshav’s interest in the field of Maths and Science was stoked by his uncle who encouraged him at grade 7 to master the Science and Maths curriculum of standard 9. Mastering this, he moved on to read books on topics that involved quantum mechanics and digital electronics. Although he grasped very little of what the books had to say, he began to appreciate the beauty, elegance, logic and excitement (as he likes to put it) that modern science had to offer. With a technological bent of mind towards Physics and Maths, Computer Science and Engineering was his natural choice. He plans on pursuing research in quantum computers majoring in Computer Science, pursuing a minor in physics, followed by a Master's and a PhD from a reputed university. His dream is to become a professor of research in a good university.
Manas R. Joglekar: IIT Bombay
Belonging to a family that lays great emphasis on academics, his father being a doctor and his sister studying Aerospace Engineering at IIT Bombay, naturally manoeuvred Manas’ interest in the field of Mathematics and Science. Reading Shakuntala Devi’s book further fuelled his interest in Combinatorics and his pursuit for Mathematical Olympiads stoked his interest in Discrete Mathematics. All this led him to pursue Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay, which will eventually fulfil his wish to study Artificial Intelligence. He desires to invent a new computer language, which will be more useful in solving certain types of problems. He wishes to go into the field of research after completing his B-Tech and would also like to find creative solutions to the challenging problems of the time.
Nitish Srivastava: IIT Kanpur
Belonging to a family that is rooted in tradition yet open to modern ideas, helped stoke Nitin's innovative thinking from an early age. A mind that is free from the chains of conventional thinking and that can think differently is all set to change the world. This belief led him to choose Computer Science and Engineering as his branch of study at IIT Kanpur. He understands Computer Science as a way of communicating human logic to an electronic device and deriving meaningful output from it fast. With his knowledge in Computer Science he wishes to use his power of logical analysis to unravel the mysteries of nature, which have eluded humans from time immemorial. He desires to explore the field of Artificial Intelligence and contribute to the ongoing research.
Praveen Kumar: IIT Kharagpur
With a strong emphasis on education by his father and inspiration from his brother who studied Petroleum Engineering, Praveen developed a passion for Science and Mathematics. Getting an AIR of 259 in JEE 2007, he entered the portals of IIT Kharagpur to pursue Computer Science and Engineering. After completing his B-Tech he wishes to pursue higher studies, preferably appear for GRE and do an MS in the same discipline.
Ravneet Singh: IIT Delhi
With his parents and grandparents being a great source of encouragement and inspiration for him, Ravneet’s interest in academics was developed at an early age. His interest in Mathematics and Physics was inherited from his parents. Cracking the JEE, he moved into IIT Delhi to transform into a high calibre professional and an engineer of intellectual excellence. His greatest ambition is to pursue research work in his field gaining a specialisation in his area. He wishes to make a ground breaking technological invention in some active area of research like artificial intelligence or robotic vision that would help him revolutionise the standard of living of mankind.
Subhro Das: IIT Kharagpur
Since early childhood, Subhro had developed an affinity towards Mathematics and the challenges it poses to human intelligence. During his high school days he felt himself getting attracted to the wonderful he became enthralled by the enigma named Physics and started getting a feel of electronics as well. For Subhro, electronics is particularly appealing, as it seems to be the most prized application of Physics and Mathematics, a different vista of science with its unique magnificence. He wishes to pursue research in this field and become an entrepreneur someday, creating a platform for deserving students of science thereby contributing unhindered to the prosperity of India.
Vikas Prajapati: IIT Delhi
The human values of honesty, technical education, determination, dedication and sincerity inculcated in Vikas by his parents are the strength of his existence. The future possibilities that exist in computers and the use of Mathematics and Logic inspired him to choose Computer science as his discipline at IIT Delhi after securing an AIR of 50 in JEE. He dreams of contributing something creative and innovative to this stream. He wishes to start a technical firm someday, which will design object-oriented software as per the market needs. He also wishes to eliminate social stigmas like corruption, regionalism, economic disparities and help India become a developed nation.

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