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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 2006
Pushp Saurav : BITS ( Pilani)
He draws inspiration from the likes of Michael Faraday and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. That’s Pushp, with a god-gifted interest in Mathematics. Always securing 100% marks in Mathematics in his school examinations, he was addressed as “Junior Ramanujan”, “calculator” and “computer”. From this he derived motivation to become a Computer Engineer. Maxing the Mathematics paper at CBSE boards further reinforced his interest in becoming an engineer. He desires to become a computer expert. After the completion of course at BITS, he wishes to establish a software company that develops software programmes to tackle various problems and provides employment to a number of skilful engineers across the country. His hobbies are playing chess, cricket, cards, watching cricket and football. He also wishes to provide the needy of India with adequate facilities to avail quality education, so that India can produce thousands of technical minds year after year.
Rachit Chandra: BITS ( Pilani)
Born and brought up in Arunachal Pradesh, Rachit has been lucky to be exposed to a melting pot of people, cultures and ideas from all over the country. With a strong leaning towards computers coupled with an urge to disseminate information, he decided to take up an Engineering course in Computer Science at BITS Pilani. His main academic goal is to learn the upcoming technologies in the field of computers and assimilate basic knowledge of all the fields. His professional short-term plan is to apply IT in situations that affect daily life. He loves reading fiction. In the long term, he strives to do something to improve connectivity. His strategy to achieve his goals is to further develop multi-disciplinary interests.
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Javed M Kadir: IIM Bangalore
Hailing from Kerala, Javed developed a strong orientation towards logic and reasoning which gave him a better understanding of Mathematics. As a schoolboy, he made up his mind to study Engineering; he enrolled at NIT Calicut for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Due to familial reasons, he had to take on the reigns of his father’s business at an early age. This experience brought out the entrepreneurial streak in him, wherein he brought in significant changes through revamping of consumer pattern to buffer the effects of seasonal variations and the establishment of inter-state procurement system to leverage arbitrage opportunities. On completing his studies, he joined Larsen & Toubro as a marketing engineer where he learnt the dos and don’ts of successful business. He is an ardent football fan and follows the English and Spanish leagues. Being able to expand his family business into an enterprise which will establish itself in the global arena is the dream that led him to join IIMB.
Kalyani Vemuri: IIM Lucknow
As a child Kalyani realised that differences don't lie in abilities; a difference is a matter of opportunities, dictated by chance. By the time she graduated from school she was convinced that she had two responsibilities, one to excel and the other to give back to the place where her roots lay. Gaining insights into business as a faculty associate and taking charge of knowledge management at ITC’s e-Choupal division, she learnt the complexity involved in implementing an innovative strategy at the ground level. Spending her leisure time with mentally challenged adults taught Kalyani the virtues of patience and love. Kalyani draws inspiration from her brother, an anesthetist who refused lucrative offers from corporate hospitals to go back to his hometown and serve the poor through emergency hospitals that provide affordable critical care to the poor. Her special interests include working with the mentally challenged. After completing her management studies from IIML, equipped with managerial abilities, personal network, exposure to business realities and financial resources, she dreams of providing wholesome education to the girl-child back home — an education that will make the girl child stronger and more aware to dream big and achieve bigger.
Katyayini Nagabhushan: IIM Ahmedabad
Precedents of excellence were set by parents of Katyayini, both CEOs of their respective organisations whom she has chosen to emulate. Her experiences at school and college helped her realise that a career in management is where her interests and talents lay. Being the head girl in school gave her an understanding of the dynamics of strict hierarchy, balancing her peers yet delivering results. Her association with AIESEC gave her the opportunity to interact with youngsters from across the globe. She loves reading, mostly fiction. Her dream is to reach the zenith of success as a leader, and through her experience and expertise, help other dreamers achieve their potential.
Neetu Chitkara: IIM Bangalore
Fear of failure is the single biggest obstacle to learning, which is precisely why Neetu never let it keep her from trying every single thing she wanted to do. Creativity beckoned her at an early age, and while in school she chose to intern with advertising agencies during summer break to pursue these interests. Realising that management would actually allow her to combine her skills and learning from all her interest and experiences, she decided to pursue her management studies at IIMB. She is passionate about sketching, creative writing and is well versed with graphic software. She believes that management will also give her the opportunity to take forward her creativity to a new level, and she dreams of someday starting her own design studio, one that stands for innovation not just in design but in form and medium too.
Nivedita Satish Joshi: IIM Calcutta
She looks up to her dreams and believes in their beauty and she knows it takes courage to make them come true... that is Nivedita for you. With a passion to excel at both extra-curricular and academics, she was compelled to be good at managing her time, honing her ability to multi-task and sustain high levels of energy and enthusiasm, especially on days when things don’t go as planned. A chartered accountant at age 21 with an All India ranking of 37 in CA Intermediate and 31 in CA final exams, she not only learnt about Economics and Accounts, but a lot about setting goals and achieving them. She has the backing of two years' work experience in the field of corporate tax at P&G India and corporate finance (project accounting) at TCS. Her short-term goal is to be part of a finance team of a large multinational organisation with a profile that enables her to work on M&As and strategic planning. Her special interests include reading and travel. Her long-term goal lies in being at the helm of a transnational corporation and to be a part of a not-for-profit organisation that promotes adult literacy and universal primary education.
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Anshul Mittal: IIT Delhi
One should contribute positively to society in every possible capacity is what Anshul learnt from his parents at an early age. Inspired by his elder sister, a computer engineer and an IT professional herself, he was instilled with a strong inclination towards Engineering. His passion to excel helped him become a gold-medallist at school, receiving JSTS & NTSE scholarships, become a gold-medallist at the Physics Olympiad and finally achieve a rank of 21 at IITJEE. IIT Delhi being his ideal choice, he entered the field of Computer Engineering as it is driven by future opportunities and immense scope for research and development. His special interests include Physics, programming, singing and drama. He intends to bring a technological revolution in the IT field and plans to complete his doctorate and later establish a research centre in India.
Jaiprakash Choudhary: IIT Delhi
He loves reading, be it academic books, novels, etc. That’s Jaiprakash for us. With a passion for Mathematics and a love for programming, his obvious choice was to get into the field of Computer Science and Engineering. He aspires to help the poor and deprived students get a high quality education. His main aim in life is to become a research scholar in the field of computers and to do something that earns him global fame. His hobbies include cricket and debates in English. He wishes to specialise in computer networking, information systems, multimedia communication so that he could contribute to improving networking systems of the world.
Mukund Kaimal: IIT Madras
As a child his parents instilled in him a spirit of excellence, convincing Mukund that almost all of man’s major discoveries and inventions stemmed from a desire to exceed the boundaries he set for himself. Embarking on a two-year preparation for the IITJEE examination, he never forgot his primary objective of learning new concepts and their applications. Finally he chose Electrical and Electronics Engineering as a result of discovering that the knowledge of these subjects was extremely essential for designing modern experimental apparatus and executing cutting edge research. His main goal is to thoroughly grasp the fundamentals of his chosen course and then make the best use of the wonderful flexibility of the IIT system to decide on the subject on which he can broadly base his higher studies. On completion of his Bachelor's degree, he intends to pursue a PhD at a reputed university in India or abroad and develop technologies that can benefit a large section of the Indian population. Eventually he wishes to become a faculty member at one of the esteemed IITs to teach research.
Nirmesh Malviya : IIT Kanpur
Nirmesh’s inclination towards engineering right from childhood stems from the fact that his father was a civil engineer at the Indore Development Authority. As an adolescent he was fascinated by how natural processes occur and how modern and advanced technologies work. Inquisitive about how computers work and help in solving complex problems and interested with the real life manifestations of computing technologies in almost all fields of life led him to prepare for the JEE examination. Soon he entered the portals of IIT Kanpur to pursue Computer Science. He wishes to pursue a Master of Science degree in Computer Science particularly on development of software for simulation of complex physical processes that one observes in nature. According to him this would be helpful for research on controlled nuclear fusion and the effects of super massive black holes on the movement of stars and galaxies, visual appearance of objects when viewed from inertial frames moving at the speed of light. His other interests include tennis, football, and the special theory of relativity. He wishes to develop algorithms that work efficiently in such simulations. He is determined to become a successful computer research scientist.
Raghu Mahajan: IIT Delhi
Brought up and schooled in Chandigarh, Raghu developed a passion for academics right from early childhood days. With Mathematics being his favourite subject, he developed a fancy for reading texts on the subject written by prominent mathematicians. After acquiring the top rank in IITJEE 2006, he decided to take up Computer Science and Engineering. He aspires to learn advanced programming which will enable him to make research work easier and stimulate his creativity. He wishes to do a doctorate in Physics and become a research scientist at the Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton. He is interested in trying to understand science in its true spirit and solving difficult problems and learning about the magnificence, aura, vibrance and diversity of Indian culture — the thing that makes us stand apart as one people. His other aim is to solve the riddle whose solution has evaded physicists till today — the quantum theory of gravitation. Finally, he would like to be addressed as an Indian who is proud of his culture and heritage.
Rahul Sharma : IIT Delhi
From the very beginning, Rahul had a fire in his belly for the rapidly advancing technology sector. This drove him to focus two years of his life in preparation for the IITJEE to secure admissions to one of the premier IITs. He wishes to pursue management studies at one of the IIMs on completion of his Engineering. His varied interests include coin collecting, table tennis, quizzes, organic chemistry, computer games and reading novels. He wishes to serve the country by working for an Indian firm and contribute to the activity of nation building.
Ralph F. Silva : IIT Bombay
The lad from Goa was more involved in extracurricular activities than in academics. Soon he developed a liking for Physics, which drove him to prepare for IITJEE. He participated in the Indian National Astronomy Olympiad and was selected in the team for the Xth International Astronomy Olympiad where he won a gold medal. His interest in Physics has grown into a desire to continue with research in fundamental Physics. He is presently pursuing Engineering in Physics as he wishes to be exposed to applicative Physics and would like to develop his innovative and technical skills. He is also interested in music, sports, philosophy, and psychology. He aims at completing a doctorate and becoming a researcher in fundamental Physics.
Rushil Goel: IIT Bombay
From being fascinated by Hyperspace and the X-Wings in Star Wars to being awestruck upon witnessing the great pyramids of Egypt, Rushil has been attracted to Science and Engineering since his childhood. His favourite pastime was reading Martin Gardner’s expository books on the problems that could be solved with mathematics. From the “Mr. Tompkins” series by George Gamow to the Feynman Lectures on Physics, the plethora of physical phenomenon and their simple explanations had him captivated. Witnessing the marvels of engineering in various corners of the world motivated him further to pursue the field of study. He is also interested in travelling. Choosing Computer Science and Engineering, his ultimate aim is to use CS in nanotechnology to find out better algorithms for building materials as well as simulating the laws of Physics on a computer.
Saurabh Agrawal: IIT Bombay
With both his parents being doctors, Saurabh decided to take up a career in Engineering right from the moment he was introduced to hardcore Mathematics and Physics. His love for logic, reasoning, application and problem solving and a fascination for computers is what inspired him to be a computer engineer. He wishes to spread technology to every corner of the country. It is his dream to fuse computers with every possible device. He visualises introducing computerised ticketing in buses all over the country. He hopes to channelise Indian brainpower in making sophisticated defence systems. His special interests include designing, architecture, robotics, reading books and animation. He envisages creating a system using technology and computers that will prevent shopkeepers from selling pirated goods and also computer systems that will prevent people from not paying taxes. He wishes to make a system with which almost all money transactions can be recorded, thereby reducing corruption.
Sujit Kumar Reddy Kamireddy: IIT Madras
Kamireddy's fascination with computers began when he visited a computer centre run by his relative, and encountered the fun and challenge of computer games. Kamireddy decided to put in his best to gain entry into the reputed IITs. Computer Science is the branch he opted for at IIT Madras. He wishes to master the subject and through research bring about a revolution in the computer world. Lastly, he wishes to pursue a management education from one of the premier IIMs of the country.

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