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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 2005
Hema Arora: BITS ( Pilani)
'An ordinary girl with an extraordinary zeal to accomplish dizzy heights' is how Hema likes to describe herself. Big dreams are what drove her to take on Civil Engineering at BITS Pilani to pursue her dream of engineering the 'infrastructural growth' of India. This stemmed from her fascination of building new structures (towers, dams, highways) and constructing infrastructural facilities like an earthquake warning system in every Bhuj, an Infosys in every city, a Disney World in India, 'real good' schools and colleges in every town and village, lush green parks…the list is endless. Encouraged by President Kalam's vision - 'India 2020' - she would like to contribute her bit by becoming part of a new innovative revolution 'Building tomorrow's India.' 'When the going gets tough, is when Hema gets going…'
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Anjana Sasidharan: IIM Ahmedabad
Growing up in Muscat, moving to Australia as an exchange student, and an enriching experience at a conference at Bell Labs, have all helped Anjana develop strong interpersonal skills and broaden her perspective towards life. Her strengths lie in being able to shoulder responsibilities at various levels, which she learnt early in life during her years at school. Her brief stint with the market research team of Nokia in Muscat triggered an interest in the field of market research and its implications on marketing for an organisation. This prompted her to take on management studies at one of India's premier institutes - the Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad. In the long run, she plans on setting up an organisation aimed at working towards the cause of women, those who have been subjected to societal evils, by rehabilitating them, educating them and eventually empowering them.
Dharini Kannan: IIM Bangalore
"What I achieve and the legacy I create through my work is what I want to be remembered for, long after I am gone" is what Dharini beautifully encapsulates when asked about her goal in life. Believing in being the best no matter what she pursues, is her mantra. Encouraged by topping the boards in class XII examinations, she continued to perform outstandingly by securing first rank and receiving a gold medal for the highest CGPA throughout all her undergraduate years. Honing her analytical skills through pursuing a course in Electrical and Electronics, she moved on to pursue her management studies. Going forward she would like to utilise her management education in setting up her own business and making it big.
Indu Mohan: IIM Bangalore
Having the drive to achieve, yet never letting success become an obsession are the values that Indu has grown up with. An interest in science and a desire for quality education took her to BITS Pilani in the year 2001, where she experienced one of the most significant events of her life, that of being awarded the Aditya Birla Group Scholarship. Striving to maintain consistent standards in academics and extracurricular activities, a given for every ABG scholar, she started doing some soul-searching which led her to discover her innate leadership skills. While wanting to grasp the essence of leadership, she set out to exploit her potential to communicate and organise by pursuing a course in management studies at IIM Bangalore. Becoming the recipient of the Aditya Birla Group Scholarship for the second time in 2005, reiterates Indu's standards of excellence and leadership skills on which the ABG scholarships are founded.
Khushal Chand Thakur: IIM Calcutta
Born and brought up in the scenic beauty of the mountains and having experienced both Himachali and Kashmiri cultures, is what describes Khushal's unique background. Daring to be different from his parents, both IAS officers, he decided to make a career out of management studies. A degree in Business Management he believed would equip him to do what he enjoys, help him constantly learn and broaden his horizons, enable him to pursue his interests of travelling and mountaineering and at the same time attain the greatest amount of professional success. Investment banking or business consulting preferably out of the country is what he envisages to do post IIM Calcutta. At the onset of middle age he wishes to pursue his dreams, of transforming Himachal Pradesh into a Switzerland, and the second of ushering in legislative constitutional reform in India - replacing the Rajya Sabha by an empowered Senate that bestows equal status to all states and all people of the country.
Shravan Shetty: IIM Lucknow
For Shravan, life has been a challenging yet fulfilling journey that has made a temporary stop at IIML and has a promising destination – destination success. His interest in debates and quizzes earned him a place in the student council, which gave him a complete exposure in handling events. On completion of his years as a collegian, he entered the gates of Mastek where several accolades awaited him - from being a part of the 4-member configuration team to actually heading it and that too in a short span of 6 months. Bringing about improvements in the existing process, through the conceptualising and restructuring of the then existing configuration system, helped him earn a considerable saving for his client and generated additional revenues for Mastek. Replication of these changes in the process across the organisation, acted as a catalyst to concretise his goal - that of starting his own company someday. Presently pursing an MBA, he dreams of soon bringing his dream company to fruition, a dream shared by him and his father.
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Ananth R.: IIT Madras
As a first grader, Ananth discovered his fascination for Mathematics when one day, gazing at a calendar at home, he realised the relation between dates, days and months, only to learn later that they were principles of mathematical congruence. As a second grader he developed a complex system of calculating the date and day for which he was invited to several public shows to exhibit his talent. His love for Mathematics coupled with the inherent fascination of computers led him to the world of coding and algorithms, in which he gained expertise and won several accolades. His love for computers further bagged him a project at the Infosys campus in Electronic City, an intensive training by the faculty at Infosys and an All India 1st rank at the inaugural Infosys Maths Olympiad. His aim is to develop himself as a curious researcher devoted to the field of computers.
Aritra Sen: IIT Kharagpur
A keen interest in computers, exceptional grades in both 10th and 12th board exams and a dream of someday passing out through the gateways of an IIT as a computer engineer, landed Aritra to his dream destination - IIT Kharagpur. Thereafter, there has been no looking back for him as he enthusiastically moves forward putting in his best efforts to realise his dream. After attaining a B.Tech degree, he aspires to take the GRE to enable him to pursue further education in the U.S. On completion of his studies, he intends on returning to India well equipped with the right qualifications to start his own IT/Software firm. He wishes to feature India on the global map as a leader in the IT sector.
Arun Paidimarri : IIT Bombay
Observing the world around him and asking questions have always been a part of Arun. Drawing inspiration from his parents, both doctors, Arun developed an inquisitiveness and a thirst for finding alternative solutions to problems at a very early age in life. His love for the physical sciences, Physics as a subject and experimental Chemistry as an art, led him to being selected for the Physics and Chemistry Olympiads, where he won the award for the 'Best solution to a challenging problem' in the Physics camp. He strove further representing India at the International Chemistry Olympiad. Securing second rank in IIT-JEE, Arun took up Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay. Going forward, he would like to pursue a post-graduation in a field he would choose during his stay at IIT. He sees science as a tool for empowering the common man and eventually he would like to contribute to society by making life easier for people with physical disabilities.
Nagamayur T.M. : IIT Madras
Nagamayur gives credit to his school principal for instilling in him a sense and passion for Mathematics by helping him solve puzzles and problems. Experimenting with electricity and mechanics inspired him to develop a keen interest in science which further led him to take up Electronics and Electrical Engineering as his field of studies at IIT Madras. His predominant goal in life is to continue specialising in the area of science and eventually join the Indian Space Research Organization or DRDO where he would like to develop good communication equipment and robots for use in India's space programme or in the defence services. Professionally, he would like to obtain a Master's degree and a doctorate in electronics and help put his efforts and services together for the country.
Piyush Srivastava: IIT Kanpur
Driven by values like honesty and determination, and encouraged by his inspiring parents to inculcate the habit of raising questions and finding answers, helped kindle Piyush's fire of curiosity at a very early age. His fascination for Computer Science, culminated in him taking up the subject at IIT Kanpur. Besides seeking a specialisation in this field, he also intends to strengthen his knowledge in Mathematics and acquire some learning of Physics. His professional plans include joining a good university for higher studies and doing research in the field of Computer Science. Additionally he aims at becoming a member of scientific groups tied up with various organisations such as C-DAC, ISRO and DRDO thereby making India a leader in the field of science and technology.
Sanchit Arora: IIT Delhi
Drawing inspiration from his parents and with the guidance of his school teachers who discovered his true potential and acumen in Mathematics, Sanchit realised his interest in applied sciences and went on to pursue Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Delhi. He hopes to specialise in Robotics and Nanosciences. With a long cherished dream of getting into NASA, planning missions such as the Spirit Rover uncovering the hidden truths on the surface of planet Mars, Sanchit wishes to get into research and developmental fields of work which would eventually benefit the human race.
Shraddha Katiyar : IIT Kanpur
Shraddha has fond memories of her school Chemistry teacher who used to narrate success stories of great scientists and thus managed to influence and develop a strong love for science in her. Drawing inspiration from Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar, Shraddha always wanted to do something new and innovative. Cultivating a love for nature from her mother further sensitised her towards environmental issues and drove her to take up Chemical Engineering as her area of specialisation. On completion of her engineering studies, she wishes to pursue research in the field associated with environment friendly technology development which according to her would help bring about a balance in the world where people would live in harmony with nature.
Utkarsh Upadhyay : IIT Kanpur
An interest in Electronics and a determination stemming from JEE, transfigured an abstract romance into an obvious goal, and led Utkarsh to pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur. His interests range from the programming club, the electronics club, the English literary society and the fine arts club to learning abstract expressionism. His ultimate post-retirement plan is of having a chain of e-libraries and e-bookstores. He is bent on making these years of his life count, and in metaphorical terms wants to take the future in his hands.

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