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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 2004
Digbijoy Neelim Nath: BITS ( Pilani)
A family background in science, both parents being doctors, backed by a desire to do something unique for the society coupled with an avid interest in Physics and a fascination for Electronics, inspired Digbijoy to opt for Electrical and Electronic Engineering at BITS Pilani. Learning how to complete a job in time whatever the obstacles may be from his father , and picked up the habit of voracious reading from his mother, Digbijoy was also inspired by the ideals of great personalities. Upon graduation, he wishes to complete his M.Tech or a PhD followed by research work in any leading institute like IISc., ISRO, or DRDO. To be at the forefront of the nation's technological revolution is what he believes will help fulfil his dream and help evolve his destiny.
Swagat Borah: BITS ( Pilani)
An inquisitive nature, with his favourite word being ‘why’ led Swagat to develop analytical skills at an early age where he sought to find an explanation/answer to his own questions. His interest in computers grew along with age when he first saw one on the desk in his father’s office. A fascination with computer games that had an impressive blend of visual animation, stunning sound effects and captivating storyline instilled in him a dream to one day create his own games. With a focus on Computer Science, he entered the portals of BITS Pilani where he wished to fulfil his dreams. A combination of expertise in software programming followed by an education in management is what he believes is the key to his successful career. Aspiring to seek employment in the offices of gaming giants like Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sierra, Eidos, etc., to gain experience and later, moving back to start his own company in India so he can put India on the global map of computing superpowers is how he sees his future.
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Abhinav Vikram: IIM Calcutta
An early initiation into decision-making, coupled with a family background in science has been the most important factor for Abhinav that has affected his choices in life. Having secured a ranking of 31 in the All India Rank of JEE 2000, he entered the gates of IIT Kanpur to pursue a degree in Computer Science and Engineering, where he was also bestowed the Aditya Birla Group Scholarship. An urge to play a larger role in guiding a company, led him to pursue management studies for which he entered the portals of IIMC and once again became an Aditya Birla Scholar. His professional goals encourage him to make a foray into entrepreneurship by gaining the experience of working for an organisation with an international presence and learning about the diverse business processes.
Karthik S: IIM Bangalore
A firm believer in the power of knowledge, a pro at extracurricular activities with an outgoing personality and good academic records, Karthik is a gold medallist in the Indian National Physics Olympiad and one of the only two people selected for the International Olympiad training camp in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. He secured an All India Rank of 12 in IIT JEE 2000 and entered the portals of IIT Madras. After obtaining a degree in Computer Science, he felt the need to imbibe management skills which resulted in his joining IIMB. On completion of his management studies, he aspires to gain experience in the corporate world followed by a career in the agricultural sector. His goal is to educate farmers about agricultural finance and provide them loans and insurance which would result in a two-fold impact on the growth of the Indian economy; providing avenues for investment and giving a boost to the agricultural sector.
Kartik Gupta: IIM Lucknow
For Kartik, his grandfather, who went about bringing a sweeping change by becoming the first RAS officer hailing from a village in Rajasthan, is his role model. Acquiring an interest in Math and Science from his parents, both doctors, he set about pursuing a dual degree in B.Tech and M.Tech at the Metallurgical Department at IIT Bombay. Gaining an in-depth fundamental knowledge in Metallurgical Engineering by enrolling in industrial projects and an interesting summer internship at Hindustan Zinc, Kartik realised the need to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of business which drove him to join IIML. He aspires to combine his experience in industry with his knowledge as a process engineer and operations manager to bring about innovation in the manufacturing industry and eventually open up a world-class industry in Rajasthan.
Karun Shambu Money: IIM Ahmedabad
Transformation of the Indian economy and its impact on social ills like poverty, disease and illiteracy is what interested Karun during his years as a child. Wanting to contribute to the process of transformation of his country into a developed nation ignited in him a desire to be associated with the Indian corporate sector. He started out with gaining a degree in Chemical Engineering at IIT and thereafter moved on to equipping himself with a management education, which according to him is a must for being able to play an active role in the corporate world. Joining a reputed biotechnology venture which will enable him to combine both his technical knowledge and managerial skills in the production of innovative and affordable drugs benefiting society is what Karun would like his future to be.
Krishna Kumar S V: IIM Ahmedabad
A background in Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi has been very valuable in developing strong analytical skills and a positive attitude towards problems in life, claims Krishnakumar. Soon realisation dawned on him regarding the mistakes made in the technical field, judging every innovation by its technical potential, without understanding customer expectations thereby forcing ideas that have no demand in the market. It was this realisation that led him to take up a professional management course that drove him to IIMA, where he wished to acquire learning that would complement his technical qualifications. As a manager he wishes to contribute by assessing revenue earning potential, market demand, competition and mode of delivery of a product which would result in avoidance of pitfalls and overconfidence that has doomed many promising new technologies.
Neha Jain: IIM Bangalore
"A truly successful person is one who understands the potential of her power, both personal and professional, to transform lives," articulates Neha, who claims that a firm foundation coupled with an inherent desire to excel is the springboard of her endeavours. She dreams of making a positive difference in the immediate environment of an institution or enterprise, and then in society at large. It is this dream that made her opt for management studies at IIMB, giving up the idea of further pursuing an education in Economics which until then was her passion. Her ambition is to be a part of the positive change that will catapult India to a position of influence in economic and industrial affairs worldwide. Success for her is the quality and quantum of her contribution and her future signifies a path of continuous improvement
Neha Singh: IIM Calcutta
Drawing inspiration from her father's professional journey, who transformed himself from being the son of a farmer to becoming an officer in the Indian Navy, Neha knew what could be achieved through hard work and belief in oneself. With a goal of doing work that is personally satisfying and intellectually stimulating, she set out to pursue an education in Engineering and then steered on to the path of management which according to her offers continual challenges and will eventually prove useful to her as a practicing manager. In the long run she aspires to be on the team comprising the top management of a company that is a leader in its field. Running a dream organisation which is an asset to the society is what she aspires to do.
Prabhjeet Singh: IIM Ahmedabad
For Prabhjeet his first school has been his family which has instilled in him qualities like independent thinking and decision making. Hard work and integrity exemplified by his parents both through words and actions, form the cornerstones of his career. Motivated by a desire to strive for technical excellence and an urge to broaden his horizons, he enrolled at IIT Kharagpur. A further interest in learning about the corporate world motivated him to opt for a few management electives while he was at IIT. This triggered an interest in management studies which led him to join IIM Ahmedabad which he felt would equip him with the right mix of managerial skills to complement his engineering competence. His career plans span from starting off as an Analyst with an investment bank followed by starting his own entrepreneurial venture in the field of financial consulting.
Shweta Sharma: IIM Bangalore
Shouldering the responsibilities of a leader by being the head girl in school helped transform Shweta from a shy and reticent girl to a talented and poised young lady. Aiming at making a difference and helping change things for the better, she has authored several articles dealing with the nation’s socio-political environment. Her involvement as a volunteer with NGOs and as a coordinator of the college National Service Scheme, helped broaden her perspective on several issues such as deprivation, lack of opportunity and poor education facilities faced by some of the communities in India. She aspires to create social activism through her writings on social, political and intellectual issues concerning India. To bring her dream to fruition, she decided to acquire the right skills through enrolling for a management education at IIMB. She desires to have a successful career with opportunities to reach out and connect with the immediate society coupled with a happy and fulfilling family life.
Vinod Bhaskaran: IIM Bangalore
Self belief and the power of his dreams, avers Vinod, have been the driving forces behind his success. A remarkable performance in the class 10 boards, securing 100% both in Math and Science led to the nurturing of his analytical mind. Entering the portals of IIT Madras where he registered in the first year for studies in Mechanical Engineering followed by a switch to Electrical Engineering in the second year and a growing interest in entrepreneurship in the third year, led him to take up management studies later on at IIM Bangalore. He dreams of someday starting a company that provides engineering solutions that tackle a wide range of humanity's problems. With a strong belief in the power of his dreams, he is positive that someday his dreams will transform into reality.
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Akshay Vij: IIT Mumbai
As a child, Akshay shuttled between wanting to become a physicist and winning the Nobel Prize to writing a novel that could match Ayn Rand's Fountainhead. Compelled by his parents, both doctors, to pursue a career similar to theirs and with a dream of his own to take up arts and finally work with an NGO, Akshay finally reached a compromise by enrolling in IIT Bombay for Civil Engineering. Entering this stream appealed to him as it brought with it a great scope for experimentation and creativity which when put to use could help effect change. Given a choice between building a road that would connect a village in the mountains to some arterial highway network and writing a code to prevent Windows from crashing for the millionth time, he would definitely opt for the former. Starting to work as soon as possible and then toying with the idea of doing an M.Tech is how Akshay sees his future.
Ankit Gupta: IIT Mumbai
A strong family background in Science and Technology, helped develop a scientific curiosity and a rational, methodical approach of everyday situations in Ankit's persona. His fascination for computers started when he was eight; thereupon he learnt the basics of 'C' language, HTML and web designing tools, designing and hosting his own website. He also represented his school at various web designing competitions, all this before he entered Std. X. Picking up the nuances of computers from his parents, the news and the internet, fuelled his ambition of becoming a computer scientist. His dream is to be acknowledged as a technical entrepreneur, conceptualising a real life product and contributing to the growth of the nation by creating job opportunities.
Priya Gupta: IIT Delhi
Rooted in a family background of academics and an aptitude for Physics and Chemistry, Priya aimed at clearing JEE and enrolling for a course in computer science. Being chosen for the National Physics and Chemistry Olympiads and as a member of the Indian team for the 36th International Chemistry Olympiad in Germany further made her realise that her efforts had been channelised in the right direction. Riding on her keen interest in Chemistry, she would like to join the NIUS programme started by HBCSE - Mumbai which initiates young minds in the area of research. Going forward she would like to do something innovative by joining research facilities which would prove fruitful for the betterment of the masses.
Rohan Jain: IIT Delhi
A nascent interest in mathematics inculcated by his father, soon developed into a passion, which later extended to the field of computers and an intense curiosity in sciences, leading Rohan to learn computer programming and develop various programmes based on Mathematics. Obtaining an AIR of 12 in JEE, he entered the gates of IIT Delhi which was the best choice for him to pursue his passion and stay connected with his family in Faridabad. Applying his learnings to contribute to the well being of Indians, developing new devices and applications and a likelihood of going in for pure research are some of the possibilities that spell out his future.

Shubham Gupta: IIT Kanpur
With his father, an electrical engineer, as a role model, Shubham took to Science and Math at an early age when he developed a curiosity for electronic gadgets. This urged him to emulate his father by taking up Electrical and Electronic Engineering at IIT Kanpur, further aiming at modernising Indian industries through robotic technology. On completing his education he wishes to garner experience by working for a while before pursuing higher studies in the field of Robotics. To be a major player in making India a technological superpower through a robotics revolution is the dream he lives with.
Sushant Sachdeva: IIT Delhi
An early fascination for science and computer programming is what led Sushant to pursue his dream of acquiring an education in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay. His involvement in the Olympiads, getting selected for INMO (Indian National Mathematics Olympiad) in class 10, with a repeat performance in class 11 and representing India at the IChO in Germany when in class 12 ignited in him a quest to take on a career in science. What excites him is the unlimited scope of further research in the field of computers mainly artificial intelligence and robotics. He sees his future as head of a group of experts doing front-end research.
Varun Kishore: IIT Chennai
With a mechanical engineer as his father, a lady with a doctoral degree in soil science as his mother and a retired professor of Mathematics as his grandmother, Varun developed a strong orientation towards Mathematics. Soon Physics became his passion in which he found immense opportunity for practical application. With a natural affinity towards machines and electrical devices and an interest in aerospace, robotics and communications, he set out to pursue Mechanical Engineering at IIT Madras. Going ahead he would like to do a post graduation from the topmost universities in the world for Aerospace and Robotics, the likes of MIT or Stanford and put his knowledge to use by significantly contributing to mankind.

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