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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 2003
Sonu Swaika: BITS ( Pilani)
With a resolution to never give up or get bogged down by the difficulties in life, Sonu set out to join BITS Pilani to pursue Computer Engineering. She wishes to develop various software and new technological developments which would eventually prove to be a service to humanity.
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Debashish Pramanik: IIM Ahmedabad
With an emphasis on all-round development, Debashish grew up with an interest not limited only to academics but straddling various sports as well. With a passion in technology, a penchant for taking risks and challenges and a desire to give a greater meaning to life, he aspires to be an entrepreneur. A post-graduation in Communication Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science – Bangalore, followed by a two-year stint in a small design firm and the next three years in a start-up firm in California helped him gain insights into growing organisations. Presenting his research work at an international conference in Singapore, participation in various international trade fairs and filing an international patent in the area of communication systems, made him realised that he had all the qualities for becoming a successful entrepreneur. On completion of his management studies at IIMA, he wishes to start a unique enterprise that specialises in the knowledge sector.
Gaurav Saigal: IIM Ahmedabad
Gaurav's ambition is to lead a global business and his aspirations are to start a new venture and eventually to build it into a strong corporation. Excellence in academics combined with his entrepreneurial dreams led him to be the only student from his batch to be selected for the Business Leadership Programme at HLL. A cross-functional stint in sales, marketing, production and international innovation coupled with his responsibilities of leading a team of twenty as Area Sales and Customer Manager encouraged him to join IIMA. An education in management would enable him augment his real life experience at business management with the conceptual learning provided by the institute. Gaurav believes that the best way to build a developed Indian economy is through fostering a culture of enterprise, a culture that he totally complies to.
Gautam Kumar: IIM Bangalore
Kishore A Desai: IIM Ahmedabad
An emphasis on high quality academics as a result of both his parents being teachers instilled in Kishore an enthusiasm to learn and succeed in life. Topping the state in class 10 boards led him to pursue a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay. A state level TT player and five years of formal riyaz in tabla gained him a place as a participant in several cultural events. Being a founder member of the Entrepreneurship Cell helped him discover his leadership and team management skills. A temporary job in Indian Oil Corporation Ltd gave him an opportunity to observe professional life from close quarters and motivated him to hone his entrepreneurial skills by acquiring a management degree. He aspires to work in an industry before starting his own. Taking a cue from his mother, he dreams of setting up a quality educational institute that imparts knowledge to the underprivileged, bringing learning to their doorsteps thereby benefiting the society as a whole.
Kunal Dutta: IIM calcutta
A perfectionist by nature, Kunal believes that no matter how well the job is done, there is always room for improvement and there are always ways and means to achieve the same. Much to everyone’s disapproval, during his days at IIT Kanpur, he played the role of counsel to JEE candidates, educating them about the various academic choices thereby making a significant contribution in bringing down the rate of branch change. Resolving to accept ‘best’ rather than ‘good’ as his mantra has been the secret behind his excellent academic and extracurricular record. He dreams of heading a world class organisation someday and aspires to motivate his team to achieve the highest standards of excellence and create an organisation that not only creates wealth and value for its shareholders but also generates ideas and knowledge that challenge old paradigms.
Manish Srivastava: IIM Ahmedabad
Always inspired by his hard working father, Manish grew up with a determination to add value to society and put in his best in whatever he set out to do. Hailing from a family of intellectuals, he developed a flair for seeking out knowledge. His exemplary performances in the board exams of class X and XII landed him in IIT-BHU to pursue Electronics Engineering. Handling varied posts of responsibility helped him develop a multidimensional perspective to real life problems. To understand the nuances of business and to complement his technical skills with a managerial outlook, he entered the portals of IIMA. Starting with working for an organisation of repute followed by starting his own company is what his long-term goals look like.
Ravishankar S Iyer: IIM Ahmedabad
Shailey Gera: IIM Ahmedabad
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Aditya G Parameswaran: IIT Bombay
"Education is a never ending journey and you can enjoy every moment of it!" was the first lesson given to Aditya by his parents. With a grandfather who has a doctorate and several engineers in the family, his interest in the sciences was sparked at a very young age. With a natural bent of mind towards Mathematics and Science, he set out to pursue a career in engineering. Encouraged by his father, an ex-IITian himself, Aditya joined IIT Bombay to realise his dreams. His goal is to become a computer professional, striving for excellence. He wishes to pursue an MS in the same field and put to use his knowledge to make a positive difference to the country.
Ankan Saha: IIT Kanpur
Hailing from Durgapur, a developed industrial town of West Bengal, engineering was automatically the essence of Ankan's family, which soon became his fascination. His interests lie in Computer Science as he believes that this branch has a scope for development as well as a range of applications. The innovation and creativity associated with the field make it all the more interesting for him to pursue studies in this field. He wishes to explore the relationship between Computer Science and Mathematics and on completion of his studies wishes to become an entrepreneur in software development.
Arunanshu Roy: IIT Mumbai
In pursuit of excellence, Arunanshu wishes to build strong foundations at IIT. His goal for the next four years is to utilise all the facilities and opportunities at IIT Bombay so that he can excel in academics, participate in various technical festivals, be a part of undergraduate research teams and represent IIT Bombay at inter IIT tennis titles. On completion of his B.Tech at IIT, he wishes to pursue higher studies in the frontier areas of Electrical Engineering. Finally he wishes to work towards emerging as an innovative leader in the electronics industry.
Dharrini Balasubramanian: IIT Madras
Graduating in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Madras has always been Dharrini's dream. Acquiring a flair for science was but natural for a girl hailing from a family where her father was a B.Tech graduate from REC and her mother a postgraduate in Chemistry from IIT. Solving problems that were of a higher level of complication than what was prescribed in the syllabus fuelled her interest in the field of computer programming. Her ultimate goal is to become a successful software professional who will help boost the Indian IT revolution with a socialistic angle that promises access to computers for all. Pursuing her studies in management, she wishes to become an entrepreneur thereafter taking to the masses innovations that are the results of strenuous research and science.
Karan Mangla: IIT Delhi
For Karan the pursuit of happiness lies in the pursuit of knowledge which he sees as a voyage of discovery for his mind. For him not only must knowledge be absorbed but it must also be presented well. The recipient of several scholarships like the National Talent Search Examination, The Times of India NIE scholarship for academic excellence, merit certificate from National Scholarship Scheme and a certificate of merit by CBSE among others, helped him attain a record of academic excellence throughout his years as a student. Treading a path of growth and self-discovery further spurred his thirst for learning and led him to enter the portals of IIT Delhi. His long-term goal is to utilise his knowledge and technological skills and transfer it to the less privileged and this he sets out to accomplish by living his motto "Upward and outward always'.
Ravish Harishbhai Patel: IIT BITS (Pilani)
As a child Ravish had developed a fascination towards airplanes and spaceships. A curiosity to find out what goes in the making of fighter planes, rockets, missiles, and spaceships ignited in him an interest for Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautics and Avionics. His ultimate goal is to contribute to the nation by becoming a good aerospace engineer, thereby making India self reliant in fields like defence, agriculture and IT. After completing his Electrical and Electronics Engineering, he wishes to pursue a postgraduate degree in Aerospace or Aeronautics and then put it to use by joining an R&D institute like ISRO, DRDO, HAL or PRL, working on various projects that enrich India in the field of technology.
Sriram Kalyanaraman: IIT Madras
Brought up in a family of achievers is where Sriram got his motivation from to strive to be the best. Aspiring to secure a high rank in JEE with a natural affinity for all pure sciences, particularly Mathematics, led him to get into IIT Madras to pursue Computer Science. A fascination of how abstract notions from Mathematics have been so neatly tied with many practical day-to-day issues like data transfer over the internet, extremely fast computation for rocket simulations, weather forecasts, earthquake predictions, etc., encourages him to take on further ground-breaking research. He wishes to pursue a doctoral degree which will eventually equip him to take on a career in teaching and research and alongside have a productive association with the industry. His dream is to contribute in some measure to the growth and development of the nation.
Uzma Hussain Barlaskar: IIT BITS (Pilani)
'The purpose of education is the all round development of one's personality. It means honing one's talents and reaping it to maximum benefit' has been Uzma's maxim throughout her school and college years. Besides academic excellence, excellence in various quiz contests has been her forte. Being an active member of the school chapter of the Junior Red Cross qualified her to receive the Governor's Award 2000 for her service. Heading various posts in school and being the editor of her school magazine, took her to the mantle of a leader. Studying at BITS made her realise the beautiful amalgamation of humanities, science and technology leading to her all round development. She wishes to take on an MBA education that will better prepare her for administrative posts in business and eventually help her become an entrepreneur.
Yashodhan Kanoria: IIT Bombay
Nurtured by his teachers in junior college, who helped spark his interest in science and mathematics, led Yashodhan to pursue an education in Engineering at IIT Bombay. Research in Physics is a distinct possibility for him. With a specialisation in electronics, he dreams of converting India into a world-class manufacturing hub of electronic equipment of such high quality standards that would curb import of consumer and industrial electronic products. He wishes for India to become a showcase for technological prowess. The values of service to society and the nation have been ingrained in him by his family with his great grandfather being a social reformer and a freedom fighter. He wishes to shape his ideas usefully towards the service of the country.

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