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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 2002
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Abhishek Mishra: IIM Calcutta
To Abhishek his inspiration has been his father from whom he learnt the power of will and perseverance. A natural aptitude in Mathematics got him a seat in IIT Bombay. Shouldering responsibilities, be it the role of head boy at school, the manager of an entrepreneurship cell at IIT-B or the editor of the IIT-B student newspaper, all helped in moulding his character and honing his leadership skills. Being the co-founder of the entrepreneurship cell at IIT-B got him interested in the idea of starting an enterprise. Toying with this idea he decided to equip himself with a management education as it would provide him with a more complete and broader perspective about the working of an organisation. He wishes to conform to the standards of absolute excellence and also to reflect the social awareness he gained after working with NGOs like Prayas and Manthan.
Anita Kumar: IIM Calcutta
Anita lives in two worlds, the real world and the world of imagination through books that have dominated her life since an early age. In both these journeys, imaginary and real, it was her parents who provided her constant encouragement and inculcated in her a strong sense of commitment to quality and excellence in all facets of life. Working with and for the less privileged sections of society, made her aware that apart from personal growth and success being important, equally fulfilling are duties to society as a responsible individual. Working with Cognizant Technology Solutions strengthened her decision to do a management course which she pursued at IIM Calcutta. Her dream is to set up a knowledge-enabled service outsourcing company.
Arpan Dasgupta: IIM Lucknow
Barnik Chitran Maitra: IIM Ahmedabad
A desire to always strive for the impossible and the confidence to do better than the best, instilled in him by his father and an interest for performing arts adopted from his mother, an accomplished pianist, led Barnik to strike a dynamic balance between his academic and extra-curricular pursuits. Identifying his leadership capabilities and networking skills when in IIT Kharagpur led him to take on a degree in management studies. On completion of his management education he wishes to gain experience by working for a consultancy firm which will develop his skills required to realise his dream of becoming a captain of industry. As a leader he would like to help people shape their dreams and aspirations.
Dipanjan Roy: IIM Ahmedabad
Dipanjan's resolution is to never live an average life but to leave a mark on this planet and on the lives of people around him. Starting out early, he joined IIT Kharagpur to pursue Computer Science and Engineering where he developed a vision to connect every corner of the country to the information superhighway and bring the benefits of the information age to India's masses by providing reliable and affordable networking technology. Joining IIMA to hone his management ability which would further complement his technical know-how and eventually help him to pursue his dream of leading an organisation.
Ketan V Kulkarni: IIM Bangalore
Mudit Agarwal: IIM Kolkata
Keeping his nerves amidst adversity, maintaining behavioural as well as intellectual balance during testing times and never losing hope is what Mudit has imbibed from his parents. Excelling academically always and relishing organising cultural events and actively participating in debates, quizzes, plays, sports and other events at school and college helped him hone his team skills. Majoring in strategic and financial management from IIM Calcutta, he wishes to utilise the synergy of his experience and renewed learning in the telecom industry. He looks forward to a strategic management role in the telecom/internet industry, a sector which according to him will be the nerve centre of India's future growth. His dream is to harness the reservoir of technical resources in such a manner that will help India to lead the world in next generation communication technology.
Sarovar Aggarwal: IIM Bangalore
For Sarovar his role model is his father from whom he has imbibed values of perseverance, patience and service. Pursuing his schooling at Doon School, Dehradun, he developed an attraction for science as a field, which led him to pursue a B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT Kanpur. The principles of leadership and communication were emphatically outlined for him in the number of administrative, academic and sports related responsibilities he took up. Pursuing his management education at IIMB gave him a holistic view of management. His long-term goal is to be an entrepreneur dealing in wooden handicraft exports and artisanship. Through this he aims to work towards the eventual benefit of the artisans.
Swapna Dey: IIM Ahmedabad
Growing up with a precept of "If I can, I must and I will" given to her by her father, Swapna realised the importance of excellence in education in early childhood. Feeling a keen urge to explore herself and unleash her full potential, she organised and represented her college in various extracurricular activities. This helped her build team spirit and hone her leadership abilities. Pursuing a company secretary course along with her undergraduate studies enhanced her understanding of the financial and legal issues that affect decision-making and strategy formulation in a corporation. However, the application of these concepts in real-life business meant acquiring a high quality management programme which she set out to get at IIMA. On completion of her management education she wishes to work with a consultancy firm and move on to taking up teaching in leading B-schools so that she can harmonise her academic skills and industry experience and help nurture leaders of tomorrow.
Vishesh Shrivastav: IIM Bangalore
Vishesh was taught as a child that true achievement lies in improving upon one's own performance, benefiting others in the process. While maintaining a good academic record, he was actively involved in extra-curricular activities. His ability to function effectively in leadership positions and a keen desire to solve problems manifested itself in his fascination with Mathematics, which secured him a coveted seat for B.Tech and M.Tech in Computer Science at IIT Delhi. Exposure to the outside world when he was given a couple of opportunities for summer training in Europe made him realise the vast possibilities for development that technology presented. His dream is to start a globally pioneering tech firm in India which will lead the world in its area and do India proud.
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Anosh Raj: IIT Bombay
Adopting a scientific temperament and a democratic tradition from his parents, Anosh chose to tread the path of science. With a fascination for Physics, he went on to pursue Electronics Engineering at IIT Bombay. That Electronics, being one of the fast developing branches of Physics, would help reach millions of people and help solve their problems, was one of his strong beliefs. The dedication shown by some Bangalore physicists who developed the 'Simputer' helped further his resolve to do a Master's in Electronics. His goal is to innovate and improvise so as to make the 'window to the world' available to most of the people in the country.
Chinmay D Karande: IIT Bombay
Developing a keen interest at an early age in reading books on science led Chinmay to acquire a passion for Physics. An inclination towards astronomy won him accolades at various district level quizzes and competitions. His first tryst with computers in class VII, led him to the world of computers that soon took over Physics as his passion. Developing programmes in simple languages like QBasic and C helped him develop his logic skills. Seeking admission into IIT Bombay to pursue Computer Science, he wishes to lend his services as a computer scientist to the field of pure Physics by helping set up vital computer systems that are required by laboratories and universities. A Master's and Ph.D. is what he aspires to do further after life at IIT.
Hrishikesh Bhattacharya: IIT Kharagpur
Being the son of physicians, Hrishikesh spent the first twelve years of his life in the doctors' quarters at the P.G. Hospital in Kolkata. Life in the hospital influenced his thinking where he learnt that one should live life so as not to be hungry when the time runs out. One must be satisfied with life not by pleasure but by having no regrets is another mantra that he lives by. Clearing the regional Math and Physics Olympiads, the Indian National Chemistry Olympiad and winning a gold at the Indian National Biology Olympiad and a silver medal in the International Biology Olympiad led him to pursue science as a career. Bioinformatics is what he chooses to do with a special interest in Proteomics, specialising in aging retardation. After obtaining a B.Tech degree from IIT he wishes to work abroad for sometime by obtaining a doctorate from Berkeley or Seattle. He intends to spend most of his life in further academics, research and teaching based in India.
Kiran Pandey: IIT Kanpur
Introduced to the world of computers by her father, Kiran is greatly intrigued by the fact that this capable device is the product of real people. This led her to taking up Computer Engineering at IIT Kanpur. Deriving inspiration from her mother, herself a student of medical science, she resolved to take up engineering as her career. After her B.Tech she wishes to pursue higher education and research followed by starting her own enterprise that makes better and more useful computers.
Neha Mittal: IIT Delhi
An inborn interest in science, especially Physics and Mathematics, coupled with encouragement from her parents to pursue her passion, led Neha to take up Engineering at IIT Delhi. Her first encounter with programming came at 10+2 level where she realised the fun and addiction of the subject. Besides becoming a computer professional, she wishes to further pursue Mathematics which would help her use her skills in computer aided designing later on in life reaching out to the whole community. She also wishes to hone her management skills by pursuing an education in management studies after her Engineering, followed by working for a reputed firm. Her dream is to eventually open her own computer company.
Prateek Jain: IIT Kanpur
Drawing inspiration from his father, whose hard work and perseverance helped him build a business starting from scratch, Prateek developed a sense of responsibility and determination to live up to his dad's expectations. Acquiring a keen interest in computers from his days at school, he went on to pursue Computer Engineering at IIT Kanpur. He dreams of setting up his own software company on par with Microsoft. He wishes to then develop software not only for technological revolutions, but for directly linking the life of rural and backward areas with the world of technology. For this he wishes to pursue his Master's from a reputed university in USA followed by a few years in the field of research.
Shashi Mittal: IIT Kanpur
Having a sister and brother both pursuing Computer Science, Shashi too developed an interest for the subject. According to him, computers have a universal usage in the world and can create a great impact on society. He therefore set out at attaining a degree in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur. He wishes to master all facets of computers and become a successful professional in this field. On completion of his B.Tech he plans on enrolling for an MBA. His dream is to serve his nation and make his country proud.
Varun Bhalerao: IIT Bombay
Asking umpteen questions, getting the information, converting it into knowledge, looking at it from all angles and understanding it has been Varun's mantra from an early age. For him, Physics is the science behind everything. Physics is what makes him tick and what makes the whole world tick. Through this, he developed a keen interest in research and Astronomy. His success at the Olympiads got him excited about taking on Space Science as a career. This led him to taking on Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay. Pursuing this course coupled with his direct involvement with research institutes will enable him take on professional research as a career. After B.Tech he wishes to pursue an M.S./ Ph.D. followed by contributing his skills to ISRO's lunar orbiter/lander mission 2010.

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