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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 2001
Indu Mohan: BITS ( Pilani)
Growing up in a middle-class family with strong emphasis on value systems, Indu was given complete freedom to dabble in her interest in science and literature. This cultivated an openness and enthusiasm for new ideas. She started appreciating the immense beauty of nature and was left in awe of the way science managed to describe it. She also started taking keen interest in Einstein's theories and the seemingly bizarre way in which things work at the quantum level. Besides working as an Electrical and Electronics engineer, Indu plans to pursue research in her subjects of interest.
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Abhishek Sud: IIM Ahmedabad
Having encountered financial crisis early on in his life, Abhishek learnt to face adversity head-on. Living by values of determination, integrity and perseverance he evolved as an excellent all-round student at his school. Working with IBM gave him an opportunity to work with diverse groups. After completion of his MBA, he wants to venture into biotechnology, building a global organisation which would blend the inherent brilliance of Indian biotechnologists with its strong IT base.
Anshul Rustagi: IIM Bangalore
Having grown up in an environment where his father showed not only consideration but also compassion for his employees and their families, Anshul realised that true contentment arises from doing something for others. He dreams of setting up an FMCG company which is a market leader in providing quality products to rural areas to improve the quality of life there. He plans to build an organisation with a warm culture, with people as its biggest assets.
Anusha Babbar : IIM Bangalore
Mount Abu, one of the most beautiful hill stations in India, is the hometown of this dreamer. Her childhood was spent in a joint family and this experience made her respect tradition and she developed an ability to derive joy in sharing and being able to adjust with different personalities. Realising the glaring difference between the lives of those who achieve their dreams and those who don't, Anusha decided to direct her efforts towards those from less privileged backgrounds. Her goal in life is to set up an organisation which makes the best use of her skills and that of other talented people to help those who have dreams but no resources to fulfil them.
Gaurav Pant: IIM Ahmedabad
Gaurav grew up in a family of achievers in fields ranging from Space Science to medicine. His parents encouraged him to live by his beliefs in order to be an 'instrument of change'. When Gaurav was only a teenager, his father suffered a heart attack and was hospitalised. Gaurav assumed the responsibility of his family as well as his father's business and with support from his father's work force he was able to fill the void that had crept in. He chose management as a career to learn the process of knowledge sharing, imbibe the best-demonstrated management practices and network with successful management teams across the globe. His dream is to one day become a "social entrepreneur" and find the perfect balance between social responsibility and profit motive.
Nitasha Sagar: IIM Bangalore
Having grown up in a close-knit family, in an environment filled with love and care, Nitasha learnt to value people, relationships and developed an insatiable desire to learn something new at every step of life. One value that Nitasha swears by is excellence. For her, excellence does not mean doing only those things that one can excel in. She believes that the desire to excel is a responsibility to oneself and to society. Her idea of success is therefore all encompassing, including high levels of achievement in her career, building close family and people relationships and doing much more to help her nation and the society.
Rajesh B : IIM Bangalore
His father's transferable job gave him an opportunity to complete his schooling from various parts of the country. This sensitised him to a wide range of issues and also helped him gain a wider perspective to life. During his last four years of schooling in Madras he began to emerge as a scholar as well as an all rounder. His aptitude for Mathematics steered him towards Engineering for higher education. During his education at IIT Madras, he also developed a keen interest in Bridge and went on to play at the nationals. Rajesh dreams of setting up his own enterprise which would create wealth and provide employment to serve the needs of the society.

Riddhi Barman: IIM Ahmedabad
A firm believer in the adage that life stretches far beyond the four walls of the classroom, Riddhi was always keen to explore the world around him, and in the process discover himself. Managing various events at school and later working with an event management group, gave him the ability to think on his feet and relate to different kinds of people. Riddhi wants to manage a media firm which will create new standards in objectivity, accuracy, responsibility and accountability. This he believes would help him realise his dream of not only being different but also making a difference.
Vijayant Singh: IIM Kolkata
The main influence in Vijayant's life has been that of his parents. Emulating his father's entrepreneurial skills, he became more confident and assertive. From his mother he understood leadership to be extremely considerate, open-minded and adaptable. Working at InterraIT he got an opportunity to work with a global clientele both offshore and on-site. This gave him a global perspective of today's liberalised economy. His long-term goal is to lead an organisation with its core competency in software services. He believes that to be a leader one has to work on an absolute scale rather than a relative one, and he dreams of being a leader in business as well as in society.
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Anshuman Gupta: IIT Kanpur
His love for computer programming and search for an intellectually challenging profession, led Anshuman to join IIT Kanpur. IIT Kanpur proved to be the realisation of his childhood dream of being associated with a world-class institute and studying with the crème de la crème of the nation. He wants to create market-savvy consumables produced after extensive research. This, he believes, will take the economic development to the poor and backward. Through this, he dreams of creating a niche for himself in “this dynamic and enigmatic world.”
Arvind Thiagarajan: IIT Chennai
Born in a family where his innate curiosity and fascination for science was carefully nurtured, Arvind followed his father’s footsteps to IIT. He believes that this institution will not only provide him an opportunity for broad-based study but also enable him to do intense work in his areas of interest, i.e. Data Networking and Artificial Intelligence. His ultimate goal is to be a part of the IT revolution and make technology accessible to one and all.
Naresh Satyan: IIT Chennai
Growing up, Naresh always had distinguished role models in his parents, with his father an engineer and his mother, a surgeon. His upbringing was in a disciplined environment free of any distractions. He developed an interest in upcoming fields such as Nanotechnology and Mechatronics, and therefore he took up Electronics and Communications as his field of study in IIT. He intends to pursue a career in research to understand nature better and apply technology more effectively.
Neelam Prabhu Gaonkar: IIT BITS ( Pilani)
Since both her parents are academicians, Neelam realised early in life that education is the foundation on which one’s life is firmly built. This propelled her to excel not only in academics but also in extra-curricular activities such as elocution and debates. Fascinated by the way computers have touched all spheres of life, she decided to take up computers as the subject of her undergraduate study. She dreams of leading the masses and changing lives in the best possible manner.
Shanta Boddapati: IIT BITS (Pilani)
Siddhartha Brahma: IIT Kharagpur
Growing up in a family of well-educated parents, Siddhartha was always a studious boy simply because he took delight in learning new things, specially Mathematics. Attending the Maths Olympiad Training camps in the junior as well as senior levels further deepened his interest in the subject. He took up Computer Science as the course of his undergraduate study to be able to apply his knowledge of numbers in practical situations. He wants to become
Vijay K Sreenivasagopalan: IIT Chennai
Coming from a family of mathematicians, engineers and teachers, Vijay was exposed to electronics and telecommunications through his father, who is himself a telecommunications engineer. Vijay's love for Physics propelled him to choose Electronics as his area of specialisation. After finishing his Master's and subsequently his doctorate, he intends to do research and formulate theories that would lead to a better understanding of nature and that would revolutionise the fields of electronics and telecommunication.
Vyom Kumar Gupta: IIT Kanpur

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