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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 2000
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Karan Bajaj: IIM Bangalore
His father's career in the defence forces, and his frequent postings across the country, made Karan adaptable to change and instilled in him a great love for people and thirst for learning something new from each new experience. Growing up in a family which was dedicated to serve the nation, Karan wants to get into a profession which not only interests and excites him, but also enables him to channel his wealth to the nation.
Lavanya Chari: IIM Bangalore
Lavanya's parents, who are well educated, always encouraged her to think on her own and live life without prejudices. At school she got the opportunity to interact with people from various backgrounds and also to participate in various extra-curricular activities. Her goal is to work in a high performing world-class organisation, to be able to relate theory to practice and convert knowledge to actual understanding.
Prahlad L Rao: IIM Bangalore
Prahlad grew up in a well-educated Maharashtrian family, which always emphasised the importance of a good education. After his Engineering, he joined Tata Infotech Limited as a software engineer and worked on important projects such as 'Voice-activated Camera Device,' 'Anti-Collision Device,' and 'Computerised Ticketing Machine'. Though he was promoted to the level of a team leader after his first year, he realised that to rise to the higher echelons of the organisation, he needed to have a perspective on all aspects of running an organisation. He therefore joined the management programme at IIM. After completion of his course, he wants to move back to the IT industry, and dreams of heading an organisation in the years to come.
Prashant Koorse: IIM Bangalore
Prashant was born in Hubli, Karnataka and did most of his schooling in Kakinada. Most of what he learnt about management is from his father who always emphasised the importance of values and people. He always stressed the importance of good education and this is what propelled Prashant to join IIM to do his MBA. While working at Infosys he realised that one's effectiveness in an organisation is determined not only by technical knowledge, but also by interpersonal skills and the ability to work in diverse groups. Here, he also developed an interest in industry and market analysis, and he plans to join a consulting firm after his MBA.
Saurabh Jhalaria: IIM Bangalore
Coming from a joint family Saurabh learnt to share and respect others by following a high level of ethical standards. This has helped him to adapt to the changing environment without losing touch with our traditions and culture, a quality which he prides in. He believes that it is essential to understand the organisation, society and the external environment in order to make significant contribution in any of these areas. He wants to make a significant difference to the field in which he chooses to function. This he seeks to achieve either as a professional entrepreneur or as a professional at the head of an organisation.
Snigdha Singh: IIM Ahmedabad
Ever since childhood, Snigdha has always been in search of channels for self expression, be it debates, elocution, mock parliament or classical music. This has helped her understand her thought processes better, and to also understand people across barriers and divides. Besides being gifted with a rare combination of analytical and communication skills, she has also inherited entrepreneurial abilities from her parents who started their own ventures. She wants a career in consulting or consumer banking, but wants to later follow her parents' footsteps and start a venture on her own.
Toshan Tamhane: IIM Ahmedabad
Born to an entrepreneur father and a doctor mother, Toshan had enough role models at home itself. Inspired by his father's success, he started dreaming of creating something independently. "A ship is a sage in the harbour, that is however, not the place for it." Following this philosophy, Toshan gave up the opportunity to manage his father's established business and is working towards realising his dream of starting a consulting firm.
Yashodhara Lal: IIM Bangalore
Yashodhara grew up in a warm and supportive family environment, where she was always encouraged to take her own decisions. Following her heart and taking up commerce as her choice of study, she took admission in Sri Ram College of Commerce. This proved to be an enriching experience since she managed to take out time for several extracurricular activities without compromising her studies. Her objective is to combine two seemingly conflicting desires - one to stand alone and excel, and the other, to be a part of something bigger than herself.
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Abinav Vikram: IIT Kanpur
Abhinav inherited a scientific outlook from his father who is an engineer and his mother who is a science graduate. Adequate guidance from his father coupled with diligent effort and dedication of his own, helped Abhinav attain proficiency in Mathematics. Brief exposure to computers in school led him to choose Computer Science as his specialisation at IIT. His goal in life is to develop applications of Artificial Intelligence Technology for use in everyday situations.
Arnab Bhattacharya: IIT Kharagpur
A born environmentalist, Arnab declared at the age of four, "So much dirt and smoke out here, papa! When I grow up I'll make the surroundings neat and clean." His interest got a boost through participations in National Children's Science Congress and a National Level second prize in the 'Clean-up-India' project. He chose Chemical Engineering to understand petroleum refining, fertiliser technology, petrochemicals, synthetic fibre, processes which cause maximum environmental pollution. He intends to dedicate himself to research work targeted at improving processes, design, construction, operation and management of the plants for these industries, thereby contributing to the preservation of a clean and pollution-free environment.
Hemanta Kumar Maji: IIT Kanpur
Hemant's childhood was spent amidst academics and music with restrictions on cheap distractions and materialistic pleasure. This became the foundation of his disciplined lifestyle. Evolving from a hot-tempered child to a composed human being, Hemanta started channelising his efforts into creative pursuits such as classical music and developed interest in technology, Mathematics and Physics. His dream, which he calls his "infantile fascination", is to use Artificial Intelligence and Simulation to develop an interactive and comprehensive education media.
Mallesh Pai: IIT Delhi
Mallesh grew up with high regard for his father and uncles who managed to pursue successful careers in engineering despite having grown up in a small village in Mangalore. This also impelled him to follow their footsteps and take up engineering as his profession. His goal in life is to pursue an MBA from a well-respected institution such as the Harvard Business School and land a high-level management job.
Rahul Deb: IIT Delhi
Setting high standards for himself right from kindergarten, Rahul began to put more hours to study than some thought was humanly possible. But he still managed to find time for quizzes, debating, reading, chess and even an occasional movie. But when he scored only average marks in his 10th standard, not only was he dejected, he even began to question his life-long ambition of becoming an engineer. After being assured of the accuracy of the entrance procedure, he immersed himself into uncountable hours of study to realise his life's dream. He believes that greatness lies in enjoying the competition, doing well and not letting winning be the only objective.
Ravi Kant D.V.S : IIT Madras
Having had an ordinary primary schooling, Ravi Kant realised the importance of discipline and punctuality in high school. This drove him to become an outstanding performer in academics as well as extra-curricular activities ranging from quizzes and debates to dance, dramatics and poetry. During this time he developed a keen interest in Physics, Mathematics and computer programming. He was fascinated by software integration, parallel computing, speech recognition, and processor circuits. He intends to get a doctorate in speech recognition and then continue research and share his knowledge with others as a professor.
Santosh Kumar: IIT Kanpur
Trying to make ends meet, Santosh's parents realised that the only way to improve the standard of living is through education. Deprived of higher education themselves, they constantly encouraged the children to excel in academics. Inspired by his elder brother, he began preparation for IIT JEE, with dreams to land a good job after the course. But the more he learnt about the institution the more it became a vista for endless opportunities rather than a means of landing a good job. His dream is to set up a research laboratory dedicated to reducing cost of important technologies to make them available to the masses.
Sriram R: IIT Chennai
Vaibhav Vaish: IIT Kanpur
The most important influence in Vaibhav's life has been that of his family. His father let him take up a career of his choice, his mother taught him to be self-dependent and his brother encouraged his curiosity to learn more. Math and Physics Olympiad camps introduced him to new realms of the subjects and turned his vague curiosity to solid interest. He gave up the option of Computer Engineering and took up the less travelled path of Electrical Engineering, which is oriented towards hardware. He intends to conduct research in subjects like Quantum Computing, Robotics and Electronics.

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