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  Aditya Birla Group Scholarships: Batch 1999
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Abhay B Prasad: IIM Ahmedabad
Since his father was an air force officer, Abhay spent most of his life at Air force stations, imbibing the liberal attitude that prevails there. He joined IIT Bombay, but soon became uncomfortable with the theoretical nature of the learning. Therefore management became the career of his choice at the end of four years. He enjoys tackling problems and therefore intends to make a career as a management consultant.
Issac Mathew: IIM Kolkata
Although he was pursuing Chemical Engineering at IIT Madras, he managed to create software for designing pressure vessels. He worked for two years at Chennai based Ramco systems, where he specialised in business automation module. He intends to gain further hands on experience and to start an Internet-based business.
Kirtiman Pathak: IIM Ahmedabad
Growing up in the small town of Behrampore in West Bengal, Kirtiman grew up with the sole dream of following his parents' footsteps and becoming a teacher. But when he went to Calcutta to pursue higher education, a whole new world opened up. He was instilled with great degree of self-confidence when he was awarded the best all-rounder of his school and also qualified for IIT Kharagpur. He plans to gain experience in a software services firm and one day start a venture of his own.
Krishnamurthy V Manguluru: IIM Kolkata
The lacuna in implementation of medical services in the country-the long queues of people awaiting medical services at various hospitals, the stories of hurdles, apathy and anguish at the delay in availing basic healthcare and the helplessness of doctors as they lack vital infrastructure, propelled this qualified medical professional to undergo Management Studies. He believes that he can use his knowledge to integrate fields like healthcare, biotechnology and genetic engineering.
Prashant Sarin: IIM Kolkata
Studying at St. Columba's School in the presence of Christian Brothers made discipline and integrity two indispensable facets of Prashant's character. At Delhi College of Engineering, he participated in more than 100 competitions and won more than 40. Apart from this, he founded the Society for Experimental Mechanics, making it the only one in Asia and the largest in the world. He dreams of one day creating a truly global media agency, an organisation that will harness Indian talent and showcase it to the world.
Seshadari A. N. : IIM Ahmedabad
A.N. Seshadari grew up in a family of strong role models. His grandfather set up the first school in their native village, his mother taught him the importance of 'Nishkama Karma' and his father inspired him through his keen intellect, decisiveness and ability to manage time. Grounded in strong values, he qualified as a Chartered and Cost accountant. While working with Price Waterhouse, he discovered his interest in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions and therefore quit his job to undertake management studies in order to attain requisite skills to work in this field. In the short term, he plans to work for a global investment bank but in the long-term he intends to share his knowledge and experience with management students, by becoming a teacher.
Sridar N Swami: IIM Kolkata
Sumeet Narang: IIM Lucknow
Sumeet spent his formative years in an army setting that was characterised by a strong sense of discipline, energy and enthusiasm. After his engineering, he was given an opportunity to work at the global headquarters of the Fiat group. Working for the group's entry plans into India helped him understand the dynamics of formulation and implementation of business strategy. This drew him towards a career in management, to fulfil his goal to become a strategic planner, creating innovative solutions and taking Indian organisations global.
Vaibhav Puranik: IIM Ahmedabad
Right from his childhood, Vaibhav's parents made it clear that the only way for him to make his mark in the society would be through excellence in academics. They also encouraged him to read extensively on diverse subjects. He believes that entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the society, who scale barriers and fuel growth. Equipped with his balanced outlook on life, zeal to work hard, and risk taking abilities, he wants to start his own venture in electronics and telecommunication
Vijayalakshmi Rajaraman: IIM Bangalore
Vijayalakshmi inherited a caring attitude and an enthusiasm for life from her parents. Her parents always emphasised the importance of learning, hard work and excellence. This coupled with an opportunity to study at the premier institutes in Madras, infused a sense of discipline, taught her the value of friends and awaked the spirit of inquiry in her. She dreams of heading her own organisation one day, and at every crossroad in life, she is guided by her mother's favourite phrase "Manasu vecha, onnaala mudiyum." (You can do it, if you set your heart on it.)
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Abhishek Tiwari: IIT Kanpur
Abhishek was exposed to the world of computers from an early age. His interest turned into passion during school when he started learning about programming. His father's transferable job gave Abhishek the rich experience of staying in the metros as well as in extremely backward places. So on the one hand while he was inspired by entrepreneurs like Sabeer Bhatia and Narayan Murthy, he was also troubled by the lack of basic necessities in rural India. He therefore wants to establish a venture which is successfully able to uplift the masses through the use of computer technology.
Deepak Garg: IIT Delhi
Gaurav Chakravorty: IIT Kanpur
Growing up in the small town of Bokaro Steel City, Gaurav always knew we are all pebbles in a large river and we have a choice between stagnating and turning to moss and moving towards our goal with the flow of the river. This young painter wants to choose the latter, and make whatever little difference he can make to the society and the world. The desire to be in the driving seat of development made him to choose Computer Science as his specialisation at IIT. He wants to pursue further education in computers.
Gaurav Chanda: IIT Delhi
Growing up in a middle class family, Guarav did his schooling from two of the most prestigious schools in Delhi, Air Force Bal Bharti and DPS R.K. Puram. These schools helped Gaurav develop a well rounded personality through participation in extra-curricular activities such as quizzes, declamations, and music competitions. Intrigued by the way computers have changed the lifestyle of people today, he decided to pursue his engineering in computers. He intends to carry out research in this field.
Lakshmikant Shrinivas: IIT Mumbai
Growing up in an illustrious family, with his father as the AGM of Steel Authority of India, his mother a gold medallist from Pune University and his brother an Engineer from IIT Bombay, academics was always Srinivas' top priority. After gaining experience in the field of software development, he dreams of starting a firm of his own.
Madhur Ambastha: IIT Kanpur
Growing up in Durgapur, surrounded by engineers, the aura and prestige surrounding IITs pulled Madhur to the institution. After the completion of his course, he intends to pursue further research in Computer Science in order to herald in a revolution in computer technology. He desires to be known and remembered and dreams of one day becoming a prominent player in the world economy.
Mrinal Vikram: IIT Kanpur
When most children his age were busy playing with toys, Mrinal used to take things apart, to see how they worked. Engineering became an obvious career path for him. In future, he dreams of building computers that serve the common man. According to him, "if computers can be made to fly planes and fight wars, why can't they be made to grow and cook food for us?" He therefore wants to pursue a subject of research which benefits people at the grass-root level.
Sandeep D Varma: IIT Chennai
Growing up in a mildly orthodox Hindu family, three things that interested Sandeep were-Sanskrit, Carnatic music and Physics and Mathematics. His interest in Sanskrit was inspired by his grandmother who was a well-known figure in Sanskrit literary circles. His love for Carnatic music was also passed on from his family, who loved the art. And finally, his interest in Physics and Mathematics was inspired by his parents, each of whom had a Master's degree in one of the above mentioned subjects. As he grew up he became more and more inclined towards Mathematics and through that, he developed an interest in Computer Science. His goal is to undertake further study in one or the other.
Satish Rajagopalan: IIT Kharagpur
Growing up in the metropolitan city of Chennai, Satish had the opportunity to learn about computers from an early age. He cultivated and developed his natural inclination for the subject and finally decided to undertake Computer Engineering from IIT. He intends to develop an expertise in both hardware and software. In future, he wants to work as an IT professional and help in the development of the nation.
Shariq Rizvi: IIT Mumbai
Coming from a family of medical professionals, Engineering was an unlikely field of study for Shariq. But his inclination towards Mathematics and interest in computers made this a natural choice for him. Shariq is open-minded about his future; he wants to go through his engineering and then decide his further course of action.

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